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Are we there yet? Travel games for the road

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By GreatSchools Staff

Geography games

Track the miles

Whether running errands or driving out of state, take a local map of your route for your child to follow. Not only does it help develop her sense of direction, you'll have a better way to answer "Are we there yet?" If your child is reading, have him call out the driving directions as you go along.

Places and things

Players alternate calling out a city, state, country, island, body of water or mountain. The challenge is choosing a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. For example, the first player says, "Reno." The second player might say, "Oklahoma." And the third player might follow with, "Australia." If the game bogs down, set time limits.

This game is also called Alpha and Omega when the theme involves narrower categories, such as words for fruits, birds, sports, etc.

Color inside the (state) lines

For longer road trips, take along a printout of a U.S. map and some crayons. As you spot an out-of-state license plate, have your child locate and color in that state on her map. January 2008