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Johnson City, TN
Students enrolled: 114

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1502 Knob Creek Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

(423) 929-7888
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January 07, 2015
This is an amazing, unique school! It is probably not for everyone - it's very small and the classes are tiny - but if you want your child to learn HOW to think instead of WHAT to think, this is a wonderful school with a strong sense of community. Students are challenged and receive VERY individualized attention. My child was bored and miserable in the public system. We are new, so I can't speak to the changes over the past few years, but we are incredibly pleased. It's refreshing to find a diverse private school without religious indoctrination. They've had guest speakers in world cultures/religions and the families were invited to join in tasting traditional cuisines from all over the world. This semester, there was a guest speaker from the Storytelling Festival, the older grades served meals at a soup kitchen and volunteered at an animal shelter. These kinds of opportunities can't be found at huge public schools. The teachers are dedicated, passionate about teaching and they are developing bright students who are excited, challenged, curious about everything and love learning.

- submitted by a parent
September 28, 2014
AA has gone through a few transitions over the last year, these transitions were only moving the school towards a much better educational system. With a new Headmaster at the helm the NEW AA atmosphere is loving, welcoming, fun, challenging, and inspiring. Current teachers care for each student in a way that is familial while focusing on them as as individual, unique and creative thinkers, helping enrich their strong points while strengthening their weaknesses. We are very pleased with the new related arts classes (PE, Health, Music, Art, Spanish, Character Development and Library/Technology). Field trips are practical and FUN! The school cares about the environment with a "Green" atmosphere. The Academic Dean is understanding and caring and all employees work as a solid team regardless of whether or not a child is in their class. Students express excitement/love towards the school and classmates. This year there is a strong focus on caring for one another in a non-judgemental way. Thank you Board, Faculty, Headmaster, Dean and all employees for this amazing new well put together team of professionals and the warm welcome/smile that greets us in the front office everyday.

- submitted by a parent
September 17, 2014
I am very disappointed in this school. The teachers seemed overwhelmed and don't focus on the individualized attention that I thought my son was supposed to get. The curriculum is terrible and seems to easy for my child. He comes home bored and upset everyday. Providence is looking better and I wish I made that choice.

- submitted by a parent
January 07, 2014
This school is amazing! Ignore the comments about it being bad. Yeah it got a new principle, so what? She is amazing! And her and the teachers are the smartest and most loving people I have ever met in my entire life! They help with everything! You won't find a better school than this one! It's amazing!! Ignore the mean comments, they are all not true and they are mean because those people are stubborn and don't like changes that are meant to happen!! Ashley academy is the best school I've seen! Don't go to providence or university school unless you want your child to be sad! Take them to Ashley academy!! I promise they will love it!!

- submitted by a community member
December 10, 2013
I absolutely love the teaching staff at Ashley Academy! The children are engaged and challenged on a daily basis. All of the teachers hold Masters Degrees and know exactly how to relate to the children and parents. The PTO is very active and support the teachers with their creative thinking and projects. Words cannot describe the wonderful family nature of this school.

- submitted by a parent
November 12, 2013
Having spent an incredible amount volunteering my time as a parent thus far in the 2013 school year I've seen with my own eyes the incredible shift that's happening in the school. The new Board of Directors is clearly focused and passionate about a highly qualified school. They are diligently working on the vision of the school which includes the arts and are very open to hearing and addressing the concerns of families. The faculty has truly blown my family's mind with their amazing organization and unique and sophisticated approach to engaging children in all subjects and at all levels. I've yet to see a team of faculty work together as well as they have. They are the pulse of this school and are inspiring to be around. Scheduling a tour would be a great idea to get a better sense of the school's familial close knit school community. So glad I decided to spend more time volunteering so I could debunk any myths about Ashley Academy on my own. Which brings up another point, I have yet to see a school that welcomes parents into their system as much as Ashley Academy does. It's wonderful being present and participating in so many of Ashley's events and their incredible field trips.

- submitted by a parent
November 01, 2013
The staff is very knowledgable and loving. Two very important qualities I look for in the teachers of my child.

- submitted by a community member
October 24, 2013
As a teacher of history at Ashley Academy's Middle School, I can attest that the school has highly qualified, innovative staff, and brilliant students who work together to create an environment of deeper, enriched learning than one would find in many schools. The network of teachers, parents, and students is extremely close, and leaves the school community feeling more like a family than a school. Infusion of the standard content areas with the arts, hands-on learning, field experience, and in-discipline competition make our school and exceptional experience for children needing extra challenge.

- submitted by a teacher
September 12, 2013
This is the first year that our child has attended Ashley Academy. We came to the school in the midst of a transitional time and have tried not to pass quick judgement, either pro or con. This is what our family has experienced: our child has a fantastic teacher who is kind, motivated, creative, and invested in the success of her students. From the other teachers I have met, this seems to be the norm for teachers at Ashley and in my opinion, the quality and dedication of the teachers is the single biggest asset the school offers. The individualized curriculum at Ashley, as opposed to the "teach for the test" standards at the "A" rated public school our child attended last year, is an apples to oranges comparison. Ashley is small and therefore boasts the ability for teachers to learn about the needs and abilities of each individual student and make adjustments to meet the child on his/her level. My child came in advanced and the curriculum has been adjusted to add additional challenges, and to further develop a love of learning. I will gladly share our experience and regardless of the transition in leadership, recommend the learning environment at Ashley Academy.

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2013
Horrible school!!! Do not go there! Absolutely the worst in Johnson City! If you love your children, then don't go there!!!

- submitted by a teacher
August 13, 2013
Words cannot express how dysfunctional this school has become. This year they replaced most of the teachers, with teachers straight out of college. They have a new director who seems to be way over her head. They have remove Enrichment classes from the schedule. There doesn't seem to be any kind of formal curriculum and they have decided to use home school math books this year. If the new teachers are so great why do they need home school books? The new director is now trying to entice people to send children to school here with daily PE and great field trips. It is not a warm and welcoming environment. It's what I like to call fake friendly. I encourage you to send your children to another school .

- submitted by a parent
August 10, 2013
This school is not all it is cracked up to be. Please check it out and really find out the information you need. Ask lots of questions and decide if it's best for your child. I would have to encourage you to try a different school, but you might need to see for yourself the dis-functionality of the school. Good luck if you decide to attend. I'll pray for you!

- submitted by a teacher
August 10, 2013
The incredibly creative and passionate teachers do not " teach to the test" which is amazing. If a child falls behind there are specific lessons created to help bring the child up. If the child is ahead there are lessons to help the child excel. The entire environment is "enriching" based on the way diverse students & families are respected & celebrated at this school, not to mention the inventive approach of each subject by the teachers. It's not the classes offered that make it "enriching" it's the school's intelligent out of the box thinking and approaches & amazing amount of fun & educational Field Trips! Art is integrated within each class & lesson so that it is educational, cultural and fun. Brand new tech lab! PE daily is a huge plus, with very important health & character development & PE FIELD TRIPS! Parents are invited to come to the classroom & school to observe or help anytime in any way! Being around our children freely is very important to us & this school encourages family involvement more than any other educational institution. My extended family from the north wish their children had access to a school like Ashley. The new year is sure to be inspiring.

- submitted by a parent
August 08, 2013
Enrichment No Longer Exist. No Music, No Foreign Language, No Library,No Oral Communications. So, What makes this any different than any other school? The price tag, $6600.00 a year tuition, & $550.00 a year material fee, and they nickle and dime you to death for all kinds of little things throughout the year. The biggest problem is the Board of Directors. They are all parents and they make decisions based on what there children want or don't want. My child does not like Music class. We will just do away with that class. My child does not like taking German and French at the same time. Then all the children have to pick one even the children who wanted to continue taking both classes. Foreign Language is just to hard for children so lets do away with it entirely. At this rate the board will do away with everything but PE and Lunch. Needless to say my child is no longer going to Ashley Academy.

- submitted by a parent
August 06, 2013
I was sad to hear in some JC public schools they are eliminating art. At Ashley Academy they are integrating Art throughout the subjects and what is actually being studied. Their PE department is focusing on daily PE, health and character development which is very necessary for healthy living. The buzz around the school and he new year is great! Parents are heavily involved and the teachers are incredibly passionate and date to focus a creative, diverse, and interesting educational environment with educational, fun and almost monthly field trips! My kids LOVE this school and have begged to stay. We love the school and he new Academic Director is motivated like no other. She definitely cares a great deal about the students and teachers. Good job Ashley for getting things on track.

- submitted by a community member
July 17, 2013
Some families are complaining about the loss of former teachers. Technically they were not "fired" but rather their contracts were not renewed. The reason for this to my wife and I is not necessary nor is it legal that we as families hear the details. The families attending this coming year don't focus on water under the bridge. We're focusing on the present state of the school which has hired highly qualified teachers, has a new computer technology program, physical education daily and a dedicated set of faculty. Negative reviews seem to be based on a three month period of transition where a true chance wasn't given to anyone involved. We now have new board members and a new vision. The issues with this school began years ago not in the 3 months of transition. So glad things are moving forward with many modern and great changes. Give this school a chance and decide for yourself like the rest of us. Most reviews are based on a past that no longe exists. I for one like to focus on the present and how to help build a better future.

- submitted by a parent
July 12, 2013
I have sent my child to this school for the past 6 years. I will not be returning due to the recent changes. The only people qualified at that school are the teachers and recently 90 percent of the faculty was let go. Sure, they hired more qualified teachers, but why was the majority of the staff let go?? The administration and board consists of only parents who only benefit other parents if you belong to their click. Something fishy is going on at that school. I have enrolled my child in public school with an administration that is trained, qualified, and will treat every child equally.

- submitted by a parent
July 10, 2013
Wonderful school. New Technology added for 2013-14 school year. New Master's Degree Level Educators. Excellent student : teacher ratio. Awesome Diversity. Really Cool Field Trips. Welcoming atmosphere. Fun! Families always welcome. Good leadership. Motivated Academic Director. Encouraging Curriculum tailored to fit each child's level. Kindergarten teacher is a Godsend that any teacher could learn from. Very pleased a secular school is continuing to progress in Johnson City.

- submitted by a parent
July 06, 2013
I've heard many waiting for a positive change. I think one of the positive changes is the new selection of teachers. They seem to be qualified with Master's degrees and are already sending out incredible lesson plans and ideas and we still have six weeks of summer. As a father I appreciate the openness of the school and feel comfortable sending kids here because you will not get the same attention to your kids in public schools. New school improvements include a new computer lab and art integrated in many subjects. The field trips my kids take at Ashley are always AMAZING, so much so that I get excited about them. Ashley is a great family oriented environment where my kids build great friendships and bullying is very low to almost nonexistent. When it does happen its immediately taken care of if reported to the right people. I love this school because of the small classroom size and individual attention to each student. None of my kids have kids tried to get out of going to school They love it here and have begged to stay here through the 8th grade. Wonderful acceptance of do diversity too! All families feel welcome giving kids in this area the chance to learn abou others.

- submitted by a parent
July 05, 2013
Sincerest empathy to those who had poor experiences. The choices made for their children to go elsewhere are what's best for them. Those who signed to attend also made decisions based on what's best for their children. Hence the other side of the coin. This school is about small student to teacher ratio, enriching field trips, close knit friendships, access to our children & their environment, the ability as parents to be heard & an overall sense of community. The new year brings changes including teachers most teachers with Master's degrees, new technology, physical health, the arts integrated in many subjects & an urban, passionate & motivated academic director who may be what this school needs to move forward. Bottom line, many love this school, students are happy, the door is always open to family involvement, the school is loaded with diversity that is welcomed & the new overall vibe of the school seems top notch and positive. Kudos to those giving the school and its new direction a chance & well wishes to the lovely families who have chosen to go elsewhere. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2013
My kids have been at Ashley Academy for a couple of years now, and I can't say enough great things about the school. It has been an awesome experience for my children!! We started with only one child at this school and were so impressed that we decided to send all our kids to Ashley Academy. This past year was a great year! As the previous comment indicated, there have been some changes this past year, but I am excited for my kids to return next year. Some of the best teachers my kids have ever had are at Ashley Academy. When your kids are learning, enjoy learning, and WANT to go to school everyday, you know you have found a wonderful environment for your kids. I would recommend this place to any parent!

- submitted by a parent
June 19, 2013
I love this school! It has been great for my kids (I have 3 that attend the school). At first we only had one child attending, and given his experience we pulled the other two out of public school and moved them to Ashley Academy as well. Frankly, I wish I'd had the opportunity to attend a school like Ashley Academy when I was a kid. I'm excited, in particular, for the upcoming 2013-14 school year because the school is adding a couple of top-notch teachers to the staff, is adding a custom computer lab, and is updating the science equipment students will be using. My kids love the multiple field trips (many more than in public school) and the big middle-school field trip, which is a multi-day excursion to an interesting and educational destination. Last year my middle-schooler went to the Outer Banks, NC to learn about marine biology and the history of aviation. The year before he went to Gettysburg and Philadelphia, PA to learn about American colonial and Civil-War history. This year the middle-schoolers will be attending Space Camp in Huntsville, AL to learn about rocketry and space flight. It really is a great school and its going to be even better this year!!

- submitted by a parent
June 15, 2013
Chaotic is the best way to describe the current environment at Ashley. Ashley Academy has a new director again. Half the Teaching staff has left willingly or unwillingly since her arrival. It is not a good learning environment for children. The board of directors is distant and unapproachable. There technology is antiquated. No Science labs, not even on the middle school level. The building is old and in need of major repairs. The tuition goes up every year but the quality of education does not. My advice do not waste your money.

- submitted by a parent
June 03, 2013
DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE!!!! There is no curriculum. If you want highly qualified teachers, you wont find many. They get rid of those teachers because administration is in fear of ppl who may be more educated than they are. The facilities are unsafe. There was a continuous gas leak for years that the principal at the time refused to fix and only got angry when brought to her attention. In the last 5 years there have been 3 principals, 2 of which do not hold a state endorsement to do so. This is a very unprofessional environment. Public school is your best option.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2013
Unsatisfactory is an understatement. I could go on and on about the many things that are wrong with this school from the board to the lack of guidance and proper administration. I can tell you that if I had school age children I would not send them there. In fact, when I first started another employee said that to me, and I couldn't understand until having experienced such a tragic excuse for an educational facility. In the last part of the 2013 school year new administration was brought in and all the teachers had hope for improvements. Sadly, things only got worse with the hiring of a director with NO experience for the role. I have one word if you are considering sending your children here: DON'T.

- submitted by a teacher
May 09, 2013
Small teacher to student ratio is not everything...ask this school for their curriculum (don't have one), ask them about their technology (limited and usually not working), ask them about the teacher's credentials (okay but limited and substitutes are totally unqualified), look at the tiny, cluttered classrooms and siding falling off...you will find this school sorely lacking. The board is cold and distant and the teachers aren't as warm and fuzzy as you may expect in a small, private school. Exceptions may include the treatment of gifted students or students of wealthier families. The tuition increases yearly but the quality of education does not. This school claims "enrichment" but cannot support this with anything substantive. It may work out okay for some families since options are limited in this area or...you can work with a public school and get it to work better or...you can make the drive to the far superior private school in Bristol...The multiple change of leadership at this school and disconnect/lack of cohesion between faculty, board and principal make it feel unfriendly or fake friendly...

- submitted by a community member
January 08, 2013
I have been at AA since Pre-K, and I can honestly attest that it is a great school. Now I am in 8th Grade, have been in the school for 11 years, and I am pleased with the curriculum. Being here for 11 years, the school has lost a little bit of its luster for me, but if you are planning on sending your kids here, DO IT :) ! The teachers are GREAT, the extra-curriculars (especially the spelling and geo bees) are fun and educational, and most of all, the school's atmosphere :good class size, but more one on one (like a 10:1 teacher/student ratio), small, "everybody knows every body" type of system, each grade has a classroom, large gym, plus my favorite part :), the food (we get food from different restaurants daily, including but not limited to: Chik-Fil-a, Jasons Deli, Cici's Pizza, Fazolis and Arby's. This school has been like a second home to me, 11 years of my young life spent in it's walls. I will never forget all the "stuff" :) I have been taught here. But like any teenager, I want to leave home :), move on, go on to bigger things in life. This is it, my last year at the best school (well, in my opinion at least). Parents and Grandparents, don't hesitate! Send your kids to AA!!

- submitted by a community member
March 29, 2010
The faculty of Ashley Academy are committed to & concerned with the development of every individual child in the school. If strong educational foundation & emphasis on civic responsibility are what you value, this may be a great place for your child through 8th grade. Due to the small size, they do not have a wide range of extracurriculars but what they do undertake, they do well. I have had children in elementary & middle school & worked with many different teachers & the principal, finding them all very open to parent suggestions & participation. They are a small school (maximal class size of 12) but deliver in quality what they lack in quantity.

- submitted by a parent
June 20, 2009
Next year I will be starting my 9th year at Ashley, and I can honestly say that it is one of the best places to go to school. It has smaller classes so you get much more attention than at most schools, and you do alot of hands on learning. They care about you and what you will become later on in your life.

- submitted by a student
March 30, 2009
My son is nearing the end of his third year at AA. We have been extremely pleased, overall. The education he receives is exceptional and the environment is nurturing and caring. At AA, the teachers focus on individualized attention for each child, insuring that the kids reach their full potential. They also focus on manners, respect, and responsibility. I'm thankful to have this alternative to public schools available in this town. AA is well worth the tuition.

- submitted by a parent
January 16, 2009
I have been very disappointed with this school. The principle is stuck in her old ways and not open to new ideas. Have not been happy with the lack of structure in the lower levels.

- submitted by a parent
December 02, 2008
Teachers are very concerned about the children that they teach. My Son went to another private school and Ashley Academy is by far more concerned with teaching my child and making my child feel accepted by his peers. So far I have been very impressed with the teachers, staff and principal of Ashley Academy. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is interested in raising a well rounded child.

- submitted by a parent
October 29, 2008
I have been 100% satisfied with Ashley Academy since enrolling my daughter here in pre-school. The communication with parents is superb and the staff works very hard to make each child feel special and important. The principal and teachers sent cards to my daughter during the summer to say hi and that they were happy that she was attending. The principal- Mrs. Maggard makes continual efforts to ensure that the parents are happy with the school. My daughter, Katie, has come home everyday and told me something new and exciting she has learned. She will be very advanced by the time she reaches kindergarten. She gets the opportunity to take a foreign language, weekly music, gym, and art. The teachers have a themed curriculum and take frequent field trips to correlate with what they are learning in the classroom.

- submitted by a parent
no rating September 28, 2008
Our daughter is in the 6th grade and we could not be happier with the education she is receiving at Ashley Academy. The faculty is terrific and truly cares about the children. Our daughter loves the extra-curricular activities - guitar, drama, and scrabble.

- submitted by a parent
September 23, 2008
I am in my third year as a parent at Ashley Academy, and my first year as a teacher. I was so impressed by this school that, upon completion of my teaching certificate, I came here to work. This school has the most dedicated and capable teachers and staff of any school I have been in, and I am honored to teach here.

- submitted by a parent
no rating August 25, 2008
This is my son's second year at Ashley and putting him there was the best thing we've ever done. He began kindergarten reading at the third grade level and entered first grade reading above the sixth grade level. These teachers are truly educators. But, perhaps more important, is that school is more than a building, the students, teachers, and parents become a family. We wouldn't dream of putting our son anywhere else. I just wish that Ashley had 9th through 12th grades!

- submitted by a parent
no rating June 29, 2008
I was a parent of 2 children who attended the school- the smartest thing I ever did was to pull them out. Ashley Academy does not fullfill their school 'mission and philosophy' If you are looking for a school where they actually use communication to foster a relationship between teacher/parent/child then this is not the school for you.

- submitted by a parent
no rating August 05, 2007
My child has gone to Ashley Academy since Kindergarten. I like the small class size and the family-like atmosphere.

- submitted by a parent
June 26, 2005
this is the best value in the Tri City area. Outstanding teachers; great facilities and wonderful students and parents. I sent my two older sons to Brentwood in Los Angeles, which is one of the 10 best schools in America and Ashley for a third the cost is just as good, especially at the younger levels...you won't be unhappy here.

- submitted by a parent

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Ashley Academy
1502 Knob Creek Road, Johnson City, TN  37604
(423) 929-7888
Last modified Ashley Academy is a Private school that serves grades PK-8
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