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We are moving to Memphis, TN.


Twinsplusus April 9, 2008

Can anyone recommend a great school in Sheby County outside of Memphis city limits? We are leaving a great school and community. Tennessee is so unknown for me.

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Twinsplusus July 2, 2008

no answer


beabella August 1, 2008

i just moved to memphis last month from san diego,california.we came from a great school district and the school we are zoned for is rated 3 out of ten on this site so i'm definitely a little nervous. hows your search going? where'd you come from? nice to meet you.hope to talk to you soon.


cbuckley4 September 12, 2008

There are some good schools in the city limits.
The GreatSchools do a great job in comparing the schools.
I would suggest touring a few.
Good luck.


MrsMac January 20, 2009

I too will be relocating soon to Memphis and also am nervous for the research I have done has not concluded as being on a positive note. My husband is already there and we are all eager to be together again. ANY honest positive experience??


beabella January 20, 2009

our experience was not good.we had to take him out due to racial slurs.we home school him now.


KHarrison73 March 12, 2009

I just moved to Memphis about 3 weeks ago. A friend of friend knew someone who was an elementary school teacher for 4 years in the area about 5 years ago. So I called her and she said that the Germantown Public schools and Collierville Public Schools or the White Stations Public schools in Memphis were great. I've been looking through these questions, but no one answers. My son is currently enrolled at Germantown Elementary School and so far it has been great. We are looking for a home to buy and I'm focusing on looking for a house around Tara Oaks elementary in Collierville or around DogWood elementary or Farmington in Germantown. Hope this is helpful.


MrsMac March 12, 2009

Thank You for your input K. I have also researched Arlington schools(middle) and they seem to have a good rating, which is Shelby County . The area of Arlington is where we will look to reside. Thanks Again. Monica


Twinsplusus March 13, 2009

We moved here in August and my twins are currently enrolled in Chimneyrock Elem in Cordova. It is an OK school. We moved here from FL. We left an A school which we loved, but I am not 100% happy with Chimneyrock. We are currenly looking for a new home in either Arlington, Lakeland or Collierville. Our main focus is the schools. I have heard awful things about city schools. If you want to talk one on one, email me directly at


daughnworks June 22, 2009

Hello and welcome to the Memphis area. Check out St. Dominics for Boys, PDS or St. George. For older boys, take a tour of MUS. For girls, look into St. Agnes or St. Mary's. Both my husband and I attended fabulous public and then exclusive private schools in Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans. I would these schools to the schools we attended as children and certainly the best in the Memphis area. Some of these schools are Catholic, but I am a Presbysterian and my son does not experience any problems in a Catholic School. Most of these schools are expensive, yet check on financial aid if you qualify. All of the counselors are incredibly helpful. If your child attends one of these schools, I guarantee they will not be bored...and they will learn so much more than expected.
Hope this helps. Good Luck, and again WELCOME!


woods21 July 25, 2010

Alarming so, some parents have chosen to homeschool and/or move their children out of the Memphis City School system. IT IS CORRUPT; but your children may survive.

If you have any concerns, don't expect the Regional Office and/or Board of Education to assist. Expect them to thwart your attention to gain resolution and create a more difficult situation for your child.

I hope you can afford private school. Kriner Cash is aware of these problems existing and escalating within the public school system.


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