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We are moving to Memphis, TN.


Twinsplusus April 9, 2008

Can anyone recommend a great school in Sheby County outside of Memphis city limits? We are leaving a great school and community. Tennessee is so unknown for me.

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toptutor901 April 4, 2012

There are some excellent public schools within the Memphis City Schools system. Our son goes to Snowden School, and it has been a terrific experience. I'd recommend taking a tour of any school you are considering. I'm assuming that most of the posters on this board have not actually set foot inside any of the schools they so eagerly bash. I find it's best not to take advice from people who are too terrified to engage with the world outside their homes.


clswrn77 February 7, 2012

Not even the county schools will be safe soon. The Memphis City School board surrendered their charter, meaning that the city/county schools will be forced to consolidate. Because city residents outnumber county residents, the new unified school board will be mostly comprised of members elected by the city. There is hope, however, because the smaller municipalities are investigating the possibility of forming their own school districts.

To make a long story short, I agree with everyone here when they say to stay away from Memphis schools if at all possible.


hlj123 August 16, 2011

As long as your children are in a county rather than city school they should be okay. Of course Collierville and Germantown schools are good, but it depends on which school and if you can afford a home in that particular area. If you are able to, I would recommend private school. I purchased my home in a specific area of Cordova so that my daughter could attend Macon Hall and she did for two years, but due to zoning issues she was not able to this year and looking into Memphis City School test scores horrified me so she is attending a private school now and we LOVE it! If you are unable go the private school route, they have "optional schools" that you can apply for, but I've heard that there is a long wait list and due to the high demand they have become hard to get into. Good luck!!!


mb1062007 August 12, 2011

Once you are here don't complain your child will pay for it and spend the rest of thier time trying to either get out of alternative,court school or some there situation that they made up. They will take it out onyour child... Please do yourself a favor and don't come here. Take it from someone that had to hire an attorney.


mb1062007 August 12, 2011

My advice ist o stay out of Memphis, I moved here three years ago and it is awful. Even the schools that have great numbers are no good. The system knows how to manipulate the numbers. It is all about the good ole boy out here and if you are not one of them then your child will get the worst education. If anyone tells you the school system is good here they are lying to you. I saw a reply below and it says something about Collierville and Germantown, I understand they are the best. I also understand that Bolton High is really good and that is in Shelby. Stay out of Brighton TN. the school system there is the worst. It is all about who you know there and trust me they don't like out siders. There have been many moving because of the school system. I personally know a few people but one came from California and lost 70,000 on the sale of thier home just to get out of here. Good Luck !!! I wish I had never left Virginia, there is something to say for a class A1 educaton! Can't wait toget back...


Jlb41975 March 31, 2011

My husband is looking at a job in Germantown. I have a son with multiple medical problems who needs a good special education program. I also have a typical son and a new baby, too! Any suggestions?


Jason360 September 13, 2010

Run as fast as you can AWAY from Memphis TN. Not only is the crime terrible but the education system here is the worst in the state. Just to give you an idea, my daughter who is in third grade is still learning basic ADDITION. Thats right folks basic addition. I am saying 3 +6 = 9. How sad is that? Not only that but they play games in class all day and bring home 2.5 hours of home work Every night but Friday (i guess the parents get a break). This may lead you to think my daughter is mentally challenged but she scored in the 97% tile on math, 96% in language, 87% science, and 85% in social studies on a nationwide testing scale. Yes we are proud of her but home schooling looks like it is going to be our only option.

The above school I am mentioning is Bartlett Elementary School. Go Panthers!!!! :)


woods21 July 25, 2010

Alarming so, some parents have chosen to homeschool and/or move their children out of the Memphis City School system. IT IS CORRUPT; but your children may survive.

If you have any concerns, don't expect the Regional Office and/or Board of Education to assist. Expect them to thwart your attention to gain resolution and create a more difficult situation for your child.

I hope you can afford private school. Kriner Cash is aware of these problems existing and escalating within the public school system.



daughnworks June 22, 2009

Hello and welcome to the Memphis area. Check out St. Dominics for Boys, PDS or St. George. For older boys, take a tour of MUS. For girls, look into St. Agnes or St. Mary's. Both my husband and I attended fabulous public and then exclusive private schools in Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans. I would these schools to the schools we attended as children and certainly the best in the Memphis area. Some of these schools are Catholic, but I am a Presbysterian and my son does not experience any problems in a Catholic School. Most of these schools are expensive, yet check on financial aid if you qualify. All of the counselors are incredibly helpful. If your child attends one of these schools, I guarantee they will not be bored...and they will learn so much more than expected.
Hope this helps. Good Luck, and again WELCOME!


Twinsplusus March 13, 2009

We moved here in August and my twins are currently enrolled in Chimneyrock Elem in Cordova. It is an OK school. We moved here from FL. We left an A school which we loved, but I am not 100% happy with Chimneyrock. We are currenly looking for a new home in either Arlington, Lakeland or Collierville. Our main focus is the schools. I have heard awful things about city schools. If you want to talk one on one, email me directly at

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