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IB Program at GHS or Optional program at WHS, which one is the best?


flower2016 March 13, 2012

My son is in 8 grade. He applied for IB and optional program for his high school. He got selected for both. Now he need to make a decision which option is better for him. We need help in determine which is better option. Please help us. Thanks.

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flower2016 March 19, 2012

Thank you investingfnp. I appreciate your suggestions. My son is planning to go to college in USA itself. If that is ok, could you please tell me your son is in which grade and which school he is attending ?. my son applied for IB program at Germantown High School and he got accepted. It's looks like most of his friends are planning to attend IB at GHS. You may already know about MCS and SCS Merging. After the Merger we are not sure still they continue Optional Program. That is one of the biggest dilema. You mentioned CAPA. What is that ? according to our research IB at GHS and Honors and AP Programs at White station high are good. But we are trying to find out which PROGRAM has more advantages when applying for colleges in USA.

Once again THANK YOU.


investingfnp March 18, 2012

I've done my research on the IB program with my son as well and it really depends on several things. Where does your son want to go to college? If he is interested in international studies or possibly studying abroad for college or grad school, then I would definitely do IB. He is aware that he will also do more interdisciplinary studies and volunteer hours and an independent research project. It seems like their program at Ridgeway is great, but they may have a few unruly students bring their score down. I saw their score on this website was a 3 out of 10. However, for White Station their score was an 8 of 10. If my son was accepted into their program, I would definitely send him there. On the other hand, that is one of the first questions they ask on Ivy League college applications, 'if the student was an IB student". So it is definitely held in high regard. Personally, I would love for my son to do, but it is so new, he is not showing any interest in doing all the extra work required. He's done CAPA and CLUE and other Optional classes, but shows no interest in trying the program. If he does go to Ridgeway, I will have him take some of the IB classes to get his feet wet, and go from there. Good luck and congratulations. He is blessed to have two great options to choose from.

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