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Best private college prep school (K-12)


SundaysChild October 16, 2010

My daughter will begin kindergarten next year (2011-2012 school year). I'm not crazy about the school she is zoned for based on the great schools ranking. We live in the Donelson/Hermitage area, although I am not opposed to driving into Wilson county, or further into Davidson county if necessary. I prefer a non-denominational, Christian K-12 environment. I would like it to be well rounded (academics, sports, arts, technology, science, etc). I want her nutured and challenged to achieve her potential. Personal experiences or recommendations, anyone? I went to a private school in Davidson county years ago, and I am not opposed to sending her there, but want to explore all options and what will be the best fit for my child. She is VERY extroverted, bright, physically active and seems to love preschool. Her preschool teacher says she does well and does not have any problems doing any work or worksheets. I am concerned about the cliques and snobby kids at private schools, but I know they come with the territory to some degree. Also, asking this for a good friend of mine: Are there any financial aid/state grants/scholarships available for private schools? I don't know what her financial situation or household income is, but I'd like to at least point her in the right direction. Thanks to all for reading and for any info!! (Oh, want college prep curriculum...)

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elizabethsmom October 20, 2010

Avoid Nashville public schools. The academic standards are low and the social problems are tremendous.

I would suggest looking into the University School of Nashville. It is not a religious school, but hands down has the best academic program.

Some Christian schools are better than others (e.g., Franklin Road Academy is very good, Ezell Harding is very bad!)


ParkPlace May 9, 2011

Look at St. Paul Christian Academy -- JK through 6th. I realize it's not through 12th, but the school's graduates routinely have stellar acceptance rates into the area's top academic schools after 6th grade, academics are top-notch, in technology they are one of the most advanced schools around (they were the first area elementary school to furnish laptops to students), they are very competitive in sports, they have good art and choral programs and St. Paul is one of the least-cliquish (is that a word?) schools around. This school embodies both "nurture" and "challenge".

University School of Nashville does offer great academics and is a K-12 school, but if you are at all interested in a Christian education USN is not the school for your family.

My children went through the entire program at St. Paul, moving on to two excellent schools for their 7-12th grade years, Montgomery Bell Academy (for boys) and Harpeth Hall (for girls), both academically high-ranked schools. Based on the criteria you listed as important to you, St. Paul Christian Academy is the clear top choice.

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