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gbm2010 January 9, 2012

I recently got custody of my younger brother. He was sent to a juvenile detention center for a few months. My mom has decided that it would be best for him to go into foster care, but I think that would be more of a detriment. I'm looking for a public school, in Nashville, that he can attend and from there maybe he can start changing his life. He needs to be somewhere where the teachers care, the kids aren't always getting sent to court and fighting, and the scholatistics/sports/extracurriculars aren't a joke. Please, if anyone has any suggestions and experiences, i'd greatly appreciate some insight. I'm 21 and my husband is 22, we want to help him but a 17 year old boy that has the past of a troubled youth will defintely be a handful. I can't do this without some ideas of where he should go.

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kryan0709 January 18, 2012

I wish I had some good counsil to offer you in regards to public schools in nashville, but I do want to encourage you for your decision to stand in the gap for your younger brother. I believe that are truly making a huge difference in his life. I recommend you try to get your brother involved in some youth programs. Community involvement helps promote growth and maturity for youths. You may check out the Tennessee Bar Association's Youth Court Program. I copied some info below:

Tennessee Youth Court Program
We all make mistakes. The question is how do we take those mistakes and turn them into opportunities for growth and personal development? Youth Courts, often called Teen Courts, have the answer for many young people who have made mistakes that take them into the Juvenile Justice System for the first time on minor offences.

The young people who volunteer with youth courts are trained by members of their community - the juvenile court judge, attorneys, licensed counselors, teachers, police officers and civic leaders. They learn how courts are structured, proper courtroom behavior and rules, how to prepare for a case, how to question a witness, and how to determine a fair disposition.

Youth Court Benefits
A study released in 2002 by the Urban Institute found that only 6-9% of the juveniles who experienced youth court committed future offences. However, 18% of the young people who appeared before traditional juvenile courts committed future offences. In Tennessee, of the more than 850 cases that have come before the Youth Courts, only 9% of the youth have committed another offense.

Get Involved!
Tennessee Youth Courts need you.
Interested in becoming an adult volunteer?
Would you like a Youth Court in your community?

Denise D. Bentley, Tennessee Youth Court Program Coordinator
221 Fourth Avenue, North Ste 400
Nashville, TN 37219
615-277-3207 or toll free 800-899-6993


gkaraisaridis August 13, 2012

My son had had some problems in school with his behavior. He has been sent to an alternative school . Jere Baxter Alternative School on Gallatin Pike . You will have to get it approved by the school board first and there is limited space. So far my son is doing well at this school. The teachers and principle will work with your brother to help him get his grades and credits in school up to where he needs to be academically. Good luck to you on raising your brother and dealing with him I know it can be tough it was for me and this is my son.

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