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Relocate to Nashville area


Dalyhouse6 June 3, 2012

Hi! I am hoping for some help. We are being relocated to the Nashville area this summer. Our kids will be starting 6th and 9th grade. What is a great school district? Family friendly town to look for a house? Thanks!

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jmani2 December 30, 2012

@stacylc77 Do you know if it is hard to get into Meigs or Mlk? I am moving to Nashville from Florida. What is a good area to live in that is not more than 30 min from Nashvile International Airport?


StacyLC777 June 21, 2012

Hi! I would consider Brentwood or parts of Bellevue. Metro Nashville does not have many good middle schools or high schools (in my opinion). There are some good magnets, but everyone is climbing over the top of each other to get in.

Good luck!


mrsannacox June 4, 2012

Mount Juliet is a lovely friendly suburb. We relocated here for a downtown Nashville job 2 years ago and I am so glad someone told us to check out Mount Juliet. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Nashville or any of the suburbs. Good luck with your move!

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