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Austin, TX
Students enrolled: 1,413

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3700 North Hills Drive
Austin, TX 78731

(512) 414-3254
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October 29, 2014
@disgruntled parent. I completely understand your situation with bad teacher aides or special education programs that you feel are inadequate. I would suggest talking with an administrator about this, we have a great administrative team who will listen attentively to your concerns and do whatever they CAN do about it. With regard to your comments on the teachers. While it may be said that SOME teachers are not up to date on their websites/email communication, there is no need to throw ALL teachers under the proverbial bus. Just as in life, there are some good and some bad. Making broad generalizations are dangerous. Murchison has some VERY dedicated and nurturing teachers who have very current websites and who respond to parents quickly. I am one of them. In the 3 years your child was here, did they NEVER have a good quality teacher? I would seriously doubt that claim. Murchison offers 5 languages, we are an IB world school ,we offer advanced classes, AVID program and we have MANY great teachers and administrators. As one who has worked here for a long time, I would not lying to say it is ONE OF THE BEST middle schools in Austin.

- submitted by a teacher

October 21, 2014
Teachers don't care one bit about students. Your child has a disability? GOOD LUCK!!! They offer, almost pander, programs and teachers aides that will be on call to help your student. They are not attentive, nor do they advise, but rather sit in the room checking their phone. Teachers will say "Email me anytime, I am quick to respond!" Days later, zero communication. ZERO. Good luck figuring out what homework there is, when it is due, etc., as the info on the school website is never updated and you must wait till grades are entered 2 weeks later to see what projects haven't been completed. AHHH, just enough time to get a students grade way past failing! Very clever! Also, good luck figuring out how to login to check the grades as they give the information to do so to the students and not the parents. *plays sad trombone here* This school is poorly managed with all sorts of broken systems in place and I am sure the teachers are a reflection of that. You should run -- not walk -- to another school where teachers don't just go through the motions, but make an effort to teach and not leave your child behind.

- submitted by a parent

August 17, 2014
There are many diverse activities at the school for everyone. The school was a little behind in technology, but its picked up quite a bit this last year. 2013/2014 was the first year of the Robotics Program and the team went to the World Championships. The kids have the opportunity to get a great education in a public setting. In the 3 years that my child was there, it went through some growing pains but in the end came out better.

- submitted by a parent

November 27, 2013
This school has lot of cursing and bullying going on.The school management is bad and overreacts most of the time and fabricates to put blames on others and is there to please the parents only.Most students have no respect for teachers and most get away because the school management doesn't care and will do anything to get the school going.had a very bad experience in Murchison middle school.

- submitted by a community member

March 26, 2013

- submitted by a community member

November 29, 2012
My daughter is in 6th grade at MMS this year and thriving. Two of her 4 core classes are Advanced level, and she comes home several times a week talking about how much she LOVES school, and exceited about learning. She raves about her math class! It hels that she's always liked school, even when she struggled with some learning delays, but this year is exceptional, thanks to excellent teachers. She tried to get into the Kealing Magnet School program, but now we're so glad that didn't work out. A best friend did and is losing her love of learning under the constant deluge of heavy homework loads. My daughter is learning just as fast and her hunger to learn is being expanded at MMS. I'm very pleased with the school so far.

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2012
This school was a terrible experience for me. NEVER enroll in such an atrocity of micromanagement and disiplinary corruption such as this military state of a school. The special education program there goes out of its way to single the student out as autistic or challenged; by having a teacher follow the student to every single class. They believe in punishment over education, and will send you to In School Suspension for anything from dropping a pencil to talking to your friends. If you value yourself as a person, your children and their future, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL. It is a horrifying and traumatic experience and the utmost inane system of management I have ever dealt with in my life. As a high-schooler I realize how much of what they did was never a necessity, nor was it actually teaching anybody anything. Listen, this school is the breeding ground for bullying and intolerance. Don't believe what they say about "no place for hate", we were forced to sign those things in eighth grade just to win the title. Get away from this abomonation and just pick a different school. Do not torture your children with such an environment, spare them the pain, spare them the agony...

- submitted by a community member

June 19, 2012
I m not sure if the definition of 'Advisory' has changed over the years, I (perhaps mistakenly) thought it was created to encourage social connections through the creation of a small group that meets throughout the year. To me, this seems important esp. for a school with a large student population. It would be easy to feel lost in the crowd. It would be simple to say, let s just focus only on academics. Students at this age have a strong desire to fit-in and want to feel that they belong (not just tolerated.) I would support the idea of continuing to encourage a campus climate that reflects the world, not just our neighborhood, closest friends, or even demographics in advanced classes. As suggested by the parent below, I don t think the idea of separating 'at risk' students from others in Advisory would be the best idea. If given the chance, I think all students can benefit from getting to someone that they may not have otherwise gotten the chance to relate to. I think MMS does a great job considering its current challenges (budget, testing, crowded spaces). I personally would consider MMS one of the best middle schools in the city.

- submitted by a parent

May 24, 2012
This is our only experience in a public middle school; our other sons went to a private middle school. Overall, the work load has been less in comparison, but I think our child got a good education. He took the "advanced" classes and has done well. Things that should change are all the "mini-tests" given. This takes so much time away from instruction/discussion time. Also, advisory is 40 minutes of the week and it just benefits a few. I'd rather see an "elective period" for "high risk" students instead of subjecting all students to advisory twice a week. Strengths: Principal. I have had several encounters with her and am please with the outcomes. She is not driven by donations and looks after the best interest of the students most times. Teachers: they have always responded to my e-mails and my son's teachers do enjoy their jobs and students. Weaknesses: bully policy interpretation. My son (and am learning of many other boys) was suspended in the 6th grade for pushing a friend of his, who fell into another kid. I thought this was an overreaction by the vice principal. Counselors: replace them. I haven't found any value; use their salaries on more teachers.

- submitted by a parent

April 12, 2012
Excellent teachers lead by strong principal leadership, this school was a reference to my daughter and my niece. Congratulations and thank you.

- submitted by a parent

February 29, 2012
Not good school for someone has a disablility. constant bullying by peers and too many students. Very very unhappy experience.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
March 03, 2010
My child goes to this school and it is a very safe and highly educated school. This school has great teachers and focuses on education and IB. Murchison has many choices from music such as orchestra to lots of different languages like spanish, french, german, and chinese. This is a school you should you enroll your students in.

- submitted by a parent

September 16, 2009
Murchison emphasizes a broad education for students through its International Baccalaureate program. My grandchild lives with me and she is delighted with her new sixth grade school.

- submitted by a community member

January 27, 2009
Im a student at murchison,and i moved here in 6th grade,in the middle of march,and i got used to the teachers,and they sound like they dont care cause of some parents say that there child is failing from the teachers not careing,well they do care!im a 7thgrader and i was failing math badly,so it wasnt that my teacher didnt cared,i didnt care,so i asked my teacher for help,i stayed after school for tutoring,and i got help and scored the grade i wanted in math,and im passing math and its easier for me! cause i didnt care,the students have to ask there teachers questions,the teachers dont wanna help if you dont want help at all,so i love murchison,i made great friends and have great friends,any one would be lucky to go here,and i am lucky! and if your thinking about comeing here, then you should!:]]

- submitted by a student

August 05, 2008
Very dedicated teachers who are interested in whether the children learn. The International Baccalaureate program is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in a liberal arts education from an early age, and the elective courses are as excellent as the required courses. Because of the size & diversity of the population, there are occasional disciplinary issues (e.g., fights) that arise, but overall the administration does a good job preventing these issues through policy decisions (dress code, etc.) and discipline after the fact.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 01, 2008
MMS is great for accelerated students. MMS is NOT great for Special Ed students. Teachers don't go the extra mile for the 20 or so Spec. Ed students who need extra help. We had a great elementary! Now we have gone straight to sharks in college, even though we just finished 6th. There is NO transition from caring elem. to 7, 8, or even 9th. Teachers cannot put one student on an individual level, they treat one as all - They don't understand learning disabilities at all!!!

- submitted by a parent

February 24, 2008
My son is in 8th grade and in special education and found out in 6th grade he is autistic. Most the time the teachers have worked with me on modifing my son's work and have done well in helping him most the time. My son does not go to the tutoring after school because it is so overloaded with kids that he does not get the extra help he needs with homework. In general, the school is good.

- submitted by a parent

February 07, 2008
The teachers at MMS place importance first and foremost on student learning. Test scores are emphasized by district/state/federal officials, and yes, some MMS programs are driven by that pressure. Don't think for a second that teachers are happy about that! But via the IB program and other innovative teaching strategies, MMS faculty works very hard to elevate student achievement, learning, and global responsibility beyond test scores. Parents sometimes struggle with the fact that this is secondary school, and especially at the 7th-8th grade levels, teachers cannot call home every time a student misses an assignment. We offer many ways for parents to support student learning: teacher web sites, student agendas, after-school tutorials and homework center, and accessibility via email, to name a few. This is my 10th year teaching at Murchison. It is a great school and I am proud to to teach here.

- submitted by a teacher
no rating
February 02, 2008
I have 2 kids at MMS. One in all advanced accelerated classes and one in all academic classes . Both ends of the spectrum, yet both are failing classes. Teachers don't communicate when the kids aren't turning in work. They are too busy preparing for the next class when they should be noticing who is turning in work and who isn't. I found out my student didn't turn in a project 4 weeks after the fact and another project 2 weeks late. I have to initiate all contact with teachers each time. It's very frustrating to go from a wonderful Elem. school to this school. All they care about is TAKS scores and if your kid fails one, the next year they aren't allowed an elective, only punishment by mandatory remedial classes for the TAKS they missed the year before.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 30, 2007
Although Murchison has a fairly large student population, my daughter has adjusted very well. We relocated from Maryland and I was concerned about her social and academic adjustment. Although I had a few concerns about the curriculum and some of her instructors, after meeting and talking with the teachers in person and via phone and email my concerns were appropriately addressed.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 29, 2007
School is too big, they only focus on testing kids not helping them learn

- submitted by a parent

July 07, 2007
I'm a student about to enter eighth grade! DDont listen to those negative reviews, theres tons of after school programs, teachers are exxcellent, and there is after school tutoring now. wonderful for you child to have fun, and learn, and meet other peers, you just have to trust your judgement, and bring up of your child..

- submitted by a student
no rating
June 29, 2007
Murchison Middle School is one of Austin's best kept secrets! It consistently outscores magnet schools, as well as other middle schools, both public and private. That's the academic part. It also has an IB program that kids can be a part of that requires them to take a well rounded smorgasborg of electives. We have been very pleased with the quality of instruction and program offerings at Murchison--and we will have had three children go through there.

- submitted by a parent

June 02, 2006
The administration and faculty at Murchison are very dedicated, and parental involvement is good, but the school is so large (1200-plus) that students who have difficulty coping with the fast-paced world of middle school can get lost in the crowd. All three of my kids have attended Murchison, but only one got through it successfully. Seventh grade appears to be the make-it-or-break-it year, and I've had one flunk out and another develop behavior problems due to social pressures. We've had problems with discipline (food fights in the lunchroom) and security (locker break-ins, etc.).

- submitted by a parent

January 10, 2006
Murchison Middle School has something very unique to offer students who are gifted or otherwise motivated to go the extra mile--it is the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. Even if your child is not gifted or participating in the IBMYP, he can benefit by doing community and service projects or just be taking part in the international and interdisciplinary units that are for every student. My son is not gifted, but he plans to take part in this program for as long as he can--at least while he is at Murchison. This is not your typical public middle school--my husband and I rate it very high.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 12, 2005
I do like the team approach to this school but there doesn't seem to be any follow through with the teachers.

- submitted by a teacher

September 18, 2004
Two of my children have gone through murchison middle school; one was a part of the international baccalaureate middle years program, and the other was involved in a couple of school sports. Both grew tremendously in spite of adolescent ups and downs and we found most teachers to be very enthusiastic about teaching and learning. We believe Murchison is reaching out from the educational desert that many schools are caught in. It seems to be evolving into something better each year. My husband and I give it a big thumbs up.

- submitted by a parent

July 23, 2004
Our second child is going through Murchison right now and is having the same great experience the first did. Exceptional Fine Arts programs in a real-world environment. We have been very pleased, especially with the 7 Habits training and time management skills the students receive.

- submitted by a parent

June 08, 2004
Nice school, but not for all. Teachers seem to lack enthusiasm and the ability to control students. This could be due to large class sizes and 1,300 6th-8th graders in one place. No tutoring available after school, limited after school activities.

- submitted by a parent

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Murchison Middle School
3700 North Hills Drive, Austin, TX  78731
(512) 414-3254
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