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Hendrickson HS, Round Rock HS, McNeil HS, or Rouse HS.


goblair June 22, 2011

We are relocating back to Austin after being in Seattle for 10 years. We are looking at the following high schools: Hendrickson (Pflugerville ISD), Round Rock (RRISD) McNeil (RRISD) and Rouse (Leander ISD)... Any input?

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Balconesparent June 28, 2011

Academically, McNeil is considered "second best" of all RRISD high schools. Historically, its arts and athletic programs have probably outperformed Round Rock High School's. At this point, you can probably deduce that the McNeil community, as a whole, is better off socioeconomically, and you'd be correct. From what I observed, as a parent with a student at RRISD's Westwood High School--considered by most to be the district's top academic school--McNeil is a good public school choice for most all kinds of students. Not too competitive and not too snobby. But please remember: RRISD is the areas's largest and fastest growing school district. You will need to advocate for your kids to get their educational needs met, or else they may be easily ignored amongst the masses.

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