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Move to Austin this summer from Bangalore, India.


gooplix February 5, 2012

We are planning on moving to Austin this summer from Bangalore, India. Areas chosen so far are Westlake, Barton Creek and Round Rock. Please do give me info on Elementary and Middle schools for my kids going to 4th and 6th grade. We would like the kids to go to a school where there is some indian population so that their transition is easy. Do please let me know good apartment complexes with some Indians with public schools nearby. Also information on Summer schools as well.

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saitorul February 9, 2012

I see you are looking at upper class areas in Austin. These are predominantly Caucasian areas but there is generally a consistent low population of Indians and other South Asians in every area in Austin. Westlake would probably have the least amount, with Round Rock having the highest concentration. As for apartments, I don't know of any with a lot of Indians. The population is evenly spread. In many middle-class neighborhoods in Round Rock the population is highly Indian and other Asian. All the elementary schools and middle schools in Westlake, Barton Creek, and Round Rock are fine. Racism is not much of a problem regarding Indians and Whites if that is a concern. If you are looking for high academic success and achievement, you may want to look into some private schools, as the public school system here is not for everybody. That's all I can give, hope it helps. If you have friends or relatives here, perhaps you can ask for some help from them.


emeraldsky February 15, 2012

Hi, I know of a private school called St. Francis on Huntland Dr. It has a great director and is non-denominational. What is nice about it is the cultural diversity that it has. I have heard that there are many families there from around the world, including Indians. Good luck.


renecs February 17, 2012

We live in an area in NW Austin SW of Spicewood Springs Rd. The schools in this area are considered by many to be the best in the city from elementary through high School. There is an elementary school here called Laurel Mountain, with a high Indian population, approx 50% asian. It is a very high achieving school with the highest test scores in the school district. It is a friendly neighborhood where you would feel at home. There are some homes for rent as well as duplexes but only one apt building that attends this school. It is called Terrazzo on Spicewood Springs Rd. Maybe you wish to check into it. Good luck on your move.


pumpyla February 19, 2012

I agree with an above post regarding Laurel Mountain School. My art teacher is a Bengali woman who teaches at Laurel Mountain. She says that school has a large Indian population as well as its neighborhood, Great Hills (I believe that is zip code 78759). We recently returned home from living in SE Asia for 2 years and understand how useful it is to have people around you have things in common with initially! Good luck to you.


anndenkler February 26, 2012

You should look at St. Francis, which has a strong asian student makeup. The school is warm, welcoming and academically strong. The transition to a different country and middle school is tough. While Laurel Mountain has a large asian population, some of the anglo students are not as accepting of students different than themselves.

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