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Is LASA magnet school a good choice. Will the GPA affect admission to top colleges?


brilliance February 27, 2012

Is it a good idea to go to LASA in Austin, TX? Do colleges care if you come from magnet school like LASA and consider your top percentage in class accordingly or do they only care for top 10- 8 % ? Because even if you are top 5% in your neighborhood school you might not be top 10% in this high achieving students group.
Can someone help us decide if LASA is a good choice or not.

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lyndahoang March 2, 2012

It depends on which college your child wants to attend. If your child wants to attend a big state university where the top 10% is automatically granted admission then attending the zoned high school might be a good choice.

The more selective colleges and universities will look at coursework, AP classes/exams, and standardized test scores. I'm told that the college counselors at LASA have worked hard to cultivate relationships with the more selective colleges so that they understand how much tougher LASA is academically and how LASA students are highly motivated individuals.

I know of LASA graduates who were in the 20% -30% of their graduating class gaining admissions to good engineering schools (and doing well there). This is another reason why many of the more selective engineering schools will take lower ranked LASA students because the previous grads have done well in college.

If your child is highly motivated and would enjoy a challenging and competitive environment, LASA is a great place. The teachers and counselors are excellent.


brilliance March 2, 2012

Thank you Lynda. Your reply was priceless. That makes me more confident now.
Feels better now.

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