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meri_beguiled March 20, 2012

We are moving to Austin, and need a school that will work with a 12 year old child with ODD. He has moderate behavior problems and doesn't function well in his zero-tolerace public school setting. Thank you!

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MagnetMom April 5, 2012

Hi meri_beguiled,

Why not talk to the Special Education department of the Austin Independent School District? Their web page is here:


dollydaguerre May 26, 2012

It may not be your kid--most schools suck. I can't believe ALL kids don't have ODD considering how restrictive schools are. You might look at charter schools. The upside is that they have freedoms regular public schools don't have and can be much smaller. Intimate settings can mean deeper relationships and less fear & anxiety on both sides. Because of these freedoms, however, i think charters can refuse to admit kids with a history of violence/suspensions. I'm not entirely sure about this. It can't hurt to call them and find out, but all of the decent charter schools have waiting lists. Good luck.

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