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Moving to Austin from NY this summer/ need a dual lang. pre k


betsysdimples June 5, 2012

for fall- for my 4yr old son and eventually 2yr old daughter. Help! We need to find a good neighborhood to live in as well. Any recommendations?

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MagnetMom June 7, 2012

Hi betsydimples,

The good news is Austin just opened a dual immersion pre k, but the bad news is the deadline to apply was in April.

Go ahead and call them and see what other options you have. The information is here:

Good luck.


jennifer512 June 25, 2012

Moved from Brooklyn last July. Our kids are at the Magellan International School, duel lang immersion, but private. Starts with Nursery, turn 3 by September. May be full but worth a try if you are still looking. The public school programs start at K. Good luck.


betsysdimples June 25, 2012

Thank you for the info Ladies! I've had Magellan in my sights for a while but was hoping to go public, my husband does not want to have to pay tuition when we are leaving NYC!.


RRTX64 June 26, 2012

You have limited public school options for your needs but plenty of charter/ public school options starting with KG. South Austin has Eanes School district - very good - also very rich parents. South Austin is a great place since it has many facilities, very good extra curricular activities etc.
The other very good school district is the suburb of Round rock. Excellent schools, average to above average crowd along with very wealthy. facilities, extra curriculars similar to South Austin but more exclusive programs available in South Austin.Good diversity in both areas.
Hope this helps...


betsysdimples July 22, 2012

Thanks for all of the great replies! OK, we've made it to Austin! Right now still looking for a home, but next on my list of top priorities is finding a DL or Spanish Immersion PreK prog. for my son. It is tough because we don't know where we'll end up, maybe Lake Pointe or S/SW... Central would be ideal, but to pricey for any real Sq. footage and although there are quite a few public DL schools, not all of them are well regarded. Besides, they are undoubtedly all full and I can't seem to reach anyone at AISD. Oh, another issue is that I'm not driving yet, and hubby has to be at work by 8am on Bee Cave Rd. Someone please help me!


mizbedina July 24, 2012

Hi Betsy,
If you are willing to consider the north Austin/Round Rock area, check out Texas Spanish Academy. It is opening in the next month.

I am actually the director, so feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Best of luck as you search for a new home!


allgirlsparent August 17, 2012

Hi. For AISD public schools in the south, look at Becker Elementary, Sunset Valley Elementary and Perez Elementary. In the north look at Ridgetop and Wooten Elementary.

For private preschools look at Academia Preescolar (South Congress)YPW (Bee Caves), Jardin de Ninos and Magellan (Far West). In Round Rock look at Texas Spanish Academy. Good luck in your search!


betsysdimples August 17, 2012

Thank you allgirls! Everybody has been amazing! I will look up Sunset Valley & Perez.
Our current situation is finding a place to live! We are still in corp. housing up north but looking near Becker and have had NO luck... 78704 would be ideal. It is so late in the game for public but I won't give up hope. Our dilemma is classic, enough space for family of 4 + cat (at least 1700sq ft), some kind of yard and hard floors in main living areas under $2700... Help!


emaymcnicks August 24, 2012

hey betsy.

another school you could look into (particularly for your littlest) is escuelita del alma. my daughter goes there and it is a wonderful, progressive school. we couldn't be happier. i do know there is a substantial wait list, but it never hurts to check into it.

neighborhood wise, have you checked out brentwood or highland hills? brentwood has a good elementary and all the families i know that live there love it. it's not dual language, but a solid school.

i live in highland hills (78752, just across lamar from brentwood/crestview) and you could definitely find a rental for a family of 4 for less than 2700. it's not for everyone, but we do have an active parents group, I know at least one of the families are from brooklyn. most of us are leaning towards sending our children to an elementary outside the hood (personally, we are looking at dual languages schools as well).

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