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Public charter
Dallas, TX
Students enrolled: 686

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8080 W President George Bush H
Dallas, TX 75252

(469) 226-6746
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October 22, 2014
I am a teacher who previously worked at this school. I would not recommend it and would like to point out that many of the teachers do not bring their own kids here. Highly unorganized school with administrators that are not trained or certified as principals. It takes only 1 to 2 years of teaching experience to become an administrator here. Teachers are subject to 45+ hour work weeks with little to no curriculum support. Contract hours going until 4:30 every day and required to tutor and host an after school club. There is no library at this school. What a shame to not provide students the opportunities that a library offers. Class sizes are between 28-30 students per one teacher. It is next to impossible for children to receive the instruction and attention they deserve in this environment. Do not take your child out of the public education system! The teachers at this school try hard but are not adequately supported with curriculum, knowledgeable administrators, classroom resources, discipline support, or respect of their time.

- submitted by a teacher
August 17, 2014
In response to the negative reviews, I feel this school is a great school for kuds who WANT to learn and WANT to be challenged. If you feel this school is not for your child than leave. There are a handful of kidswho do not belong there because they need extra attention and the parents expect tne teachers to put in 10 hr days so their child can pass or do well. Ummm, it takes both teachers and parents to have an effective learning environment and a above average kid. Parents if your child did not do well or as expected, don't write negative reviews...parents research the school, visit tne school, meet the admin staff, take a look at the curriculum. Be smart in making choices for your child.

- submitted by a parent
July 06, 2014
As a teacher of 6+ years and working in 3 different types of schools- public, private and charter working at this school was a learning experience. Yes, some of the teachers at this school are new, however wherever you go your child will have a "new teacher." The teachers at this school are asked to work over 40+ hours, tutor for free, as well as run a club. The teachers at most will have 45 minute break during the day in which they are supposed to meet with parents, plan, run copies, grade etc.The school is only 2 years old and yes they have a long way to go. However, as a parent it is your job to research the school you are sending your child to. There is NO library. There is 1 copier for the entire teacher staff to use. The limited resources are endless. As an educator, I would not send my child to this school, it is unorganized. Every year new teachers and new admin- how can it be organized? No teacher there is racist or mistreat any of the children as prior reviews state. Discipline exists in every classroom and is important for structure! It is sad that some parents believe everything a child states. Teachers have 25+ students in 1 class so yes discipline is a factor.

- submitted by a teacher
July 01, 2014
Had a terrible experience with this HSB. Just read other negative reviews, and agree with many of them. Some teachers worst I met in my life. No consideration for students. Extreme bouts of favoritism among some teachers, they overlook the potential and hard work of other students. Focus on discipline, discipline does not exist unless children are rudely spoken to and mistreated by certain teachers. Children who do well cannot get positive points etc, as will be shown as favoring a certain ethnicity in the school. School has a long way to go. Do not enroll your child there , you will regret it. As mentioned below, huge teaceher and student turnover rate, that says ALOT.

- submitted by a parent
June 28, 2014
This school is really trying and may very well be a great school in the future, but it isn't now. So,do not sacrifice your child's education. NO BOOKS are given just xeroxed copies of sheets for busy work. I truly feel this year was a wasted year. Do not be fooled. Oversized classrooms, new teachers, horrible lunches and the list goes on. My child is leaving this school and I believe many more are leaving as well. It is something to be said when the administration, staff, and students have a high turnover rate.

- submitted by a parent
June 27, 2014
Make sure you research any school before you enroll. We have been a part of a few different Harmony schools around Texas due to job transfers and there is a feeling of disorganization in all of them. Some teachers are not well suited for this school. My kids have come home overly-stressed and miserable. They told me that there are several kids with discipline problems in every class and that at times the teacher will just burst into tears from the stress. Most classes are larger than at public schools as well. My daughter's class had 30 students. Unfortunately, other reviews are correct in that an "A" doesn't mean much here. They promise a lot but they have not been able to deliver. We are transferring our kids to a private school that has a much higher track record.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2014
To me.great teachers,great school.already 2 years there and all I can say, is behing a great student,there is a parent who Involved in the school and the activities.

- submitted by a parent
May 09, 2014
Started out at HSB as an excited parent with equally excited child. A year later extremely disappointed with HSB. Extreme lack of organization within school. School concerned abt discipline. Children sent to office, given demerit points over harmless things ie, talking in class despite it pertaining to the lesson of the day. Were told of low student/teacher ration, most classes are large at elem level. Teachers with little or no training or teacher experience School does not help those students who are falling behind. Not a rigorous or challenging curriculum, students have no motivation. Certain teachers have very bad manners , and even mock students (first hand happened to my child) My child is straight A student, however being tested in the public school and private test , my child scored lower than ever before. "A" grades do not mean anything. Students are bullied by older students. Teachers turn a blind eye. AS mentioned in another review, research this school, talk to other parents, .the school is not what it portrays itself to be.

- submitted by a parent
April 29, 2014
For those who are interested in the school , do visit, look at past achievements, and by that the current STARR,and testing results. Do not be wowed by the collage of photos posted in the main lobby of students who have excelled and received admission to 'top' colleges. The pics are older, and quite interesting to note which campuses these students studied at. The principal and teachers promise many thins, but yet have to deliver. I cannot sacrifice my children's education, nor allow their education to suffer while HSB decides to pull its self up. Until then, there are many who will be happy with the facility and charmed by its newness. This will be the last year for my children at this school; they are more than happy to say goodbye.

- submitted by a parent
April 10, 2014
We love this school; great academic and challenging curriculum - lots of homework and projects starting from Kindergarten that will help the kids with the transition to 1st Grade. Our daughter is very happy to go to school, she loves Mrs. Durfee and Ms. Kattie, her Kindergarten teachers. Yes, according to some previous reviews, the school does have some organizational problems, but it is a new school, we have the understanding and confidence that it will get better and better.

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2014
Great school- great academic curriculum. I am positive this school will succeed and be at the top in the next few years. It has some organizational problems, but the administration is great in listening and making changes. Both my kids love it there, and I live in a great school district (PISD) but love the challenge this school gives to both my kids! if you want a challenging curriculum, and don't mind extra homework and projects to keep your kids busy than this is the school that will prepare your kids

- submitted by a parent
February 18, 2014
Class size = 26 students Gifted & talented program nonexistent Lunch schedule published late, No nutritional/ ingredient info. Cooked offsite by vendor & lunch period too short. Recess was movie if indoors & outside recess very limited Specialty classes not consistent, scheduling conflicts eliminate computer lab, or skipped in lieu of other subjects. Org. & execution of schedule haphazard Front office unorganized, at times unprofessional. Payment systems & communications with clubs/daycare had gaps. Quality of clubs was inconsistent: rather than programming Lego robots, students watched Lego cartoons/played Afterschool care with little interaction & lots of video/ television. School events had insufficient planning, run off the schedule & staff unprepared curriculum described character education program that was used; however this was never the case. Achievement goals set low so that 100% exceeded goal. Conferences low priority, only 1 from Aug-Feb. Teachers rely on free websites for homework/worksheets frequently Was open minded to this school but experience has changed my mind. I don't fault individual teachers but I would not recommend this to others.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2014
(1/2)This school has some teachers are definite game changers like Mrs. Locke and Mr. Raven. Nevertheless, the math and science capabilities are less than acceptable. On the Chromebook when you master a concept it is not reintroduced until you see it in a test. I actually sat through several concepts with my child which took all of forty-five minutes for a few days to check this out. It goes without saying she won't be in attendance in the future. The tutoring program has students tutoring students I was shocked being that a teacher who attends school to learn different methods to teach a subject matter is passing the buck to a child who is still learning and not receiving a paycheck from Harmony.

- submitted by a parent
January 23, 2014
This is a great school with very dedicated and caring teachers. My child's kindergarten teacher reaches all the students in her care, including my son who was struggling in pre-k!!

- submitted by a parent
January 11, 2014
From a teacher's point of view, this school has many problems. Lack of organization and understaffing being the primary ones. The teachers have too much duty time and are forced to stay until 4:30 even if they have finished all their work and the kids have been gone for over an hour.

- submitted by a teacher
October 27, 2013
My child went to a private school for three years and I can honestly say that this school is yielding far better results. My daughter loves her school and I feel the same way. She is not only learning what she needs but is also learning from the diverse student population, which is greatly needed in this multicultural world.

- submitted by a parent
September 06, 2013
I have my two kids there for second year They are on top of class, but not because of good teachers,I work with them at home.I am behind the parents who wrote negative comments.School shirts are more polyester than cotton, they tear appart and get lighter after few washes.Most of the teachers are first time teaching,no experience,no guidance,yes lot of them didn't come back after first year.I have to tell teachers to give kids some challenging task,give them choice if they want to learn some harder spelling words or math.School is not organized, they are always behind,first year no library,gym or cafeteria,no playground,so first several months was very frustrating for teachers.Second year still no library.Last year they had several teachers who quit after few weeks there,this year some classes started with sub teachers, they don't have idea on what level kids are. Every year they start with policy no snack for kids(even if kids have own snack),after many emails last year they changed policy, this year snack only K-3rd grade, this is how we teach kids helthy eating habbit.Be carefull, if you come from very good public school, I would not go.Parents from India took kids out.

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2013
This is a pretty good school, but most of the classes my child took were far behind compared to other schools. But my child had some difficulty understanding the teachers mostly because of their accent. She was a A+ student but when I tested her outside the school they said she wasn't as good as they said. Most of the teachers grade with ease. Also they don't really pay much attention to the substitutes. My daughter had a sub for more then a month and they wouldn't teacher her anything and when it came time for the STAAR she barely passed. The teachers aren't as strict as you might think, if you simply ask them to change your child's grade to an A, where to it was a low B they would change it. I would recommend to keep them their for elementary and then over the years, research the school see if they improved but other than that you'll be putting your child education on the line. Also if you had just enrolled your child into high school you should be very careful and ask about what they will be teaching before your child attends harmony. Once your high school starts 9th grade it's very dangerous to take him\her out due to what they were taught they might be far behind afterwards.

- submitted by a parent
August 04, 2013
Harmony School of Business taught my daughter C++ in 3rd grade yes 3rd. Part of her regular class schedule: engineering. Yeah, they built a model maglev train. Economics as well. Finance class for the 8-9 year olds. Next year: robotics. What about science? Her $16K per year private school: little to no science. Harmony: she won the science fair for her grade studying neurons in the brain. Next year: she s interested in Cybernetics so who knows what will happen? Amazing right? Well of course she s a smart kid and she gets it from her mother I think, but that s not the point. Harmony encourages imagination and creativity in all students, pushes children further than they think they can go without going past that point. It s not a factory (though they will probably start teaching them how to run one next year). These kids are having a good time and are learning a copious amount of information to boot. In short with HSB we get everything we have been hoping for in our child s education AND we feel like we are part of something bigger than a huge yearly price tag and an exclusive bumper sticker.

- submitted by a parent
July 14, 2013
This school is amazing. It was the first year and there will always be kinks to work out to get things running smoothly. We were very happy with his teachers and they communcicated with us well throughout the year. If there was an issue with our son and his school work,we worked together to conquer the problem. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD this year and he is an A student. Since being treated he did very well in school and I am happy to say the teachers were very supportive along the way. Yes this school is not for everyone but our son is excelling here and we could not be more pleased with the changes we see in him.

- submitted by a parent
June 07, 2013
Do some research on Harmony Schools aka Cosmos Foundation. HSB hires many alternative certification teachers and first year teachers, then offers no mentor programs. How can they say that they have all "highly qualified teachers" when some don't even have teaching degrees? Ask to see this campus's library, it is totally empty. This school is a STEM school, so you should see technology in every room (you don't). Harmony has a 50% turn over rate of teachers. Why? Lack of curriculum, no training, over scheduling, no resources to help kids. Notice the same teachers at duty daily? They are understaffed. The uniforms the kids wear are cheaply made and fall apart quickly. They run small and rip in the wash. Don't bother enrolling your kids in clubs afterschool - the money you pay for the club doesn't go to the club, it goes to the school. Chess club wound up using the computer labs, choir club used youtube and the teacher's own resources, AR club - once again used the classroom books - notice a theme here? Also notice that very few staff send their own kids to HSB, including the administration. Stay in public or private school - you'll learn more.

- submitted by a community member
June 05, 2013
Very disappointed I had that very sad experience with a ADHD kids if you have a special need kid this is not the type of school to help them to succeed they are only looking for smart and bright kids nothing wrong with this but they don't have a special program or professional personnel to work with those kids. Very sad they are not there to help.

- submitted by a parent
January 17, 2013
We love this school. The teachers are very dedicated to their students and they have a great curriculum. My daughter loves her school.

- submitted by a parent

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Harmony School Of Business - Dalla
8080 W President George Bush H, Dallas, TX  75252
(469) 226-6746
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