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My 4 year old can't start Pre-school because we live in Keller ISD!


cally101 July 17, 2010

My daughter is 4 and really wants to start school. I called the elementary school that is close to us and was told that they do offer Pre-school but to only children that have English as a second language or have some other learning disability. All the other districts around us offer pre- school to anyone. How is this fair and does anyone know how I can get around it? My sisters little girl is also 4 and she gets to start school this year for free. Why do I have to pay the high pre school bills just because Abbi is not slow and does not have English as a second language!

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itmatters August 29, 2010

According to the TEA, your 4 year old will most likely be refused because 1) she speaks English and 2) because you are not on some government assistance progra. Yes, you pay your taxes, you work hard raising your child but yet she as an american citizen can not get into a pre school that you pay taxes for because SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH. Where else in the world would a school refuse a child because he/she speaks the native language but Texas. We went through the same thing. We ended up sending her to a private pre-K program. It cost $125 a month for two days a week/5 hours a day. Of course the kids are out when schools are out and you pay for that time too. It generally starts latter and ends sooner than public school as well. The pay off is huge though. Or you can home school her using the Abecca program. This is the same program the pre school will use generally. It is so worth it. Call the TEA in San Antonio and ask them to e mail you the parents/students rights book. Everyone should have a copy. The school will not give you one. For instance, it is a law in Texas, as a parent, you have the right to work WITH the teacher to create a cirriculum for your child. Teachers might hate you, but your child deserves the best!!!


hitztx September 24, 2010

It is that way due to lack of funds. Also they don't want children who are at risk for falling behind, to have to repeat kindergarten or first grade. Not only is for English as a second language kids, but children who are at the poverty level and/or receive food stamps.

If we do not help those kids, we pay again by having them drop out later when they get to their teens (get in trouble, drugs, unemployment etc).

Your homeowner taxes would skyrocket if you paid for ALL 4 year olds to go to pre-k. It is not fair. We do have a problem as most children would benefit from a pre-k program.

My suggestion is to find some homeschooling groups and see if any are doing some group pre-k get togethers. I know in Richardson there is a great group that does this.

Good luck... I know it is hard... but you are right, your child deserves the best also.


ftworthmom October 27, 2010

I'm pretty sure that preschool for disadvantaged/ESL kids is largely funded by the federal government. Anyone can send their kids to pre-K, just not funded by other taxpayers. The previous poster is correct that your taxes would skyrocket if everyone could send their child to free pre-K. We are in the Birdville district which has the same rules as Keller. Many churches have inexpensive Pre-K, and it's only for one year! Your child will enjoy many years of socialized education, and you'd pay so much more in taxes over the years you're probably saving money this way.

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