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Any good apartments nearby this school ?


manpreetkour April 23, 2012

I need to know if we have good apartments near this school

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artbiz April 25, 2012

I depends on what you consider a "good" apartment. There are lots of apartments nearby that rage from ghetto to barely acceptable. You have to be carefull. Check the Tx Dept of Public Safetey website and do a search of sex offenders. They have a map that shows where they live. If you see a concentration of several in one address you can bet it is an apartment complex that does not screen out felons. Its a place to start.


MagnetMom April 26, 2012

Hi manpreetkour,

When you post in the Dallas community, it's not tied to a specific school, so it's hard to know to which school you're referring.

I always suggest making a call to the school and asking which complexes the kids come from (the office aides will easily know this from the multiple addresses in the same complex).

I'd also suggest talking to someone in real estate in the area, because they are well acquainted with the areas of their town that have the amenities (schools, shopping, parks, etc) families desire.

If you are moving for a job, talk to the HR department and let them put you in touch with other employees with kids your age, and find out where they're living.

Good luck!

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