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Best Schools for Highly Functioning Austic Boys


hendlaw June 20, 2012

We are moving to the Dallas area to find better schools for our son. Can anyone tell me if any schools seem to stand out as suited to work well with an autistic 4 year old?

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D1sMom October 10, 2012

I disagree about public school. My son is High Functioning Autism and he started out at 3 years old in a PPCD unit in public school. He has been very successful and is now in middle school at Travis Talented and Gifted Academy in Dallas. He is still under the Special Education umbrella, but no longer needs help with social skills. It does take some hard work and dedication by the teachers and staff; but don't write off public school. Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. Just avoid the bad apples. You can spot them right away. Parents have a lot of say-so as far as the goals and strategies that are used in the classroom. Be persistent and cooperative with the teachers and they will respond and help your children.


GracieR June 25, 2012

We have been down this path. our son attended Oak Hill Academy (Midway Road and N.W. Hwy) for three years, 1st through 3rd. (They also have pre-school.) He is high functioning, and academically on track, but socially immature. Looking back, we should have moved him to The Winston School sooner. This school has it going on in comparison to Oak Hill, at least for our needs.

Also, look at Behavioral Innovations for good A.B.A. curriculum. Texas Star Academy in Grapevine is now run by Easter Seals, and I have lost touch with their protocol.

Search Brent Woodall Foundation for other sources, since I don't know to what part of the city you are relocating. Do not even think about public schools - anywhere in the Metroplex. The Keller School District talks a good game for the "Developmentally Delayed," but, by their policy, does not diagnose autism until four years old. You and I know that is backward and uninformed.

Good luck!

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