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Trouble finding a Great school because of house number PLEASE HELP!!!


RThill April 21, 2013

Hello, We just moved to Dallas From Plano.
The public school there are in abundance, however, here in Dallas I notice there are a lot of schools that are performing below normal levels.

I am in the 75209 zip code and we have a nice house in what we thought was a good area however, upon calling the 8-10 or the 5 out of 5 star schools we are not even a street over and our daughter does not qualify to go to the nicer school?!?!?!

It is not even a street over but because they stop at servicing students after the 3000 University Blvd???

We applied to I think its called Dealy Montessori school and the other school on the application.

She more than qualified but was wait listed until a space is open.

Our daughter is in kindergarten now but she tested at a 2nd grade level. Getting tested to get into the charter schools isn't a problem for her but the demand for the schools are so much we are aware it's not enough room for everyone.
She is attending a nice school located in another city but, I don't want to keep driving 20 miles each way for school if I can find a good one here.

Has anyone had problems with the Dallas zoning for the schools? any suggestions? Thanks so much

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Geo47M June 16, 2013

Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex is very large and it would have been wise to plan your school strategy prior to purchasing the home. That part should have been done before anything else, especially since you are so concerned about the climate of your daughter's school.

You should know by now that these BOEs are 'sticks in the mud,' and you will not alter their itinerary - for any reason whatsoever.

Remember also that schools do not perform - students do. We must not continue on the path of educational false beliefs, which leads us to competitiveness with Asian countries. You see, math and science (as important as they may be) do not make the whole child.

We must not neglect the arts and humanities; and, until we begin to reconstruct the moral and spiritual fabric of our culture, e.g., social institutions, then all else is in vain.

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