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7 going on 27


CDickens87 June 16, 2013

My daughter is 7 years old and she has been having emotional breakdowns. Me and her dad have been divorced since she was two and her dad and I are both remarried to someone else now. My daughter gets in trouble all the time at school and will argue with me like she is an adult. If I ask her to clean her room it is world war 3. I dont know what else to do . Sometime s I feel that i should be on medicine to handle her! I can spank her, put her in time out, ground her, take EVERYTHING away from her, take privleges away and everything else and NOTHING works. I need help. I am to the point of calling in the Nanny lol or even looking for a boot camp. She see's a councelor and that is not helping either. Please help me

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MagnetMom August 18, 2013

Hello CDickens87, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

My first suggestion is if the first counselor isn't working. find another one. And also look into family therapy so you can try to change the dynamic.

Good luck, and please follow up so we know how you're doing.

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