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Is it true that plano ISD is competitative and parents are moving out to Frisco ISD?


jaggi123 September 9, 2008

Is it true that plano ISD is competitative and parents are moving out to Frisco ISD?

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patty666 March 30, 2009

Thank you very much for your help, we came last night from Texas, and we were not sure about Frisco or Plano, but now we think that we liked more Plano, we have two friends that live in West Plano and they are middle class, the thing that I liked there is that everybody take care of their houses and is nice around the area, I don't like competition that much but I think everyday you see more everywere, I am casual and I like a casual life, Thanks for your help a lot...


jumboshrimp May 2, 2009

Wow! I've just seen an eye opening article about Plano schools. There is an election going on now for the Plano school board and this link is to an article about the election. There are charts that show Plano school quality is slipping. Maybe that is why people are moving from Plan to Frisco or Allen.

You can also see a video of one of the candidates speaking. He is running against an incumbent. Looks like Plano has problems and this candidate says the board is ignoring the problems.


ready2live May 3, 2009

I am currently a graduating senior from Plano West Senior High school and I have been in the plano schools since kindergarden. While I will admit that the schools in plano are incredibly competitive, (I have a 3.8 weighted GPA and I am not even in the top quarter of my class) colleges are well aware of the competitive nature. While talking with the Dean of Texas Tech Honors college, he said that students from PISD are given more leeway within the criteria. What I mean by that is, even though the honors college "officailly" only accepted to 10% students, students from plano not in the top 10%, but with high SAT scores are still accepted. I will say that scholarships are generally not treated the same way, at least with my experience. For me in paticular, the competitive nature of PISD has only made me want to work that much harder. As for the social enviornent, west plano is not as everyone seems to say it is. Yes, many people here are a lot more affluent than your average community, but I was not one of them and never once did I not feel accepted because of my family's income. Sure, kids wear designer clothes that I would love to be able to wear them too, but no one juges people based on what they are wearing. My experience has been that Plano West is encredbily warm and acceptive.


patty666 May 4, 2009

Yes you are ready to live, and your parents should be proud of you, Good luck in your new life!
and thanks for letting know everyone your point of view of your city, that's very nice.


user5372354 January 15, 2014

Plano ISD is a high performing district. You can check any national or state ranking, check SAT scores for any year, count National Merit Schiolars for any year to help you understand that Frisco and Allen aren't even in same league.

Only Highlandpark ISD, Dallas Magnet, Carroll and Coppell can compete with Plano.

Frisco ISD is good at meeting Texas State Requirements and if you know about Texas's overall educational standard then you must know that its not a badge of honor. Allen has one huge high school, Frisco has several high schools that change zoning as soon as a new subdivision pops up . We left Frisco after our son had to change school for third time in five year period.

Plano has 6 junior high, 3 senior high, health academy, IB academy and technology academy and offers as many AP courses as possible. You don't have to take anything other then required courses if you don't want to but if you want to work hard then you have so many great options.

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