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1708 N Westmoreland Rd.
De Soto, TX 75115

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(972) 572-7200
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March 11, 2014
Canterbury is absolutely a great school! Education, Education is key here. CES produces Rhodes, McDermott, Presidential scholars and more. My husband and I are so pleased with the Education and Athletic offerings our children are receiving here. There are no gimmicks here. The teachers are teaching and the staff listens. Love this school. Check it out at www.thecanterburyschool.org. You will love it as well! Academic excellence at its best! Go Cougars!!! Over 20 years of educating children K-12 in DeSoto, TX!! Diverse student population from all of Dallas and Ellis Counties.

- submitted by a parent
January 24, 2014
Hands down this is the best thing to happen to our child in the last year. He has been though more with the loss of his only parent than any little boy should deal with in his life. The staff at this school has given him a home and his grades reflect their dedication towards supporting us as new parents. Bullying is not tolerated and has been handled with true professionalism at the school. It is a diverse environment that teaches a child how to interact in the real world. All of the other parents have been so warm and accepting of his two Uncles raising him and that shows in how his classmates learn tolerance and good manors. It may not be the biggest school with a huge athletic department but it makes up for that in spirit. Only a very small percentage of students become pro sports stars but if they have a good educational background they will always be successful in life. The school also offers a spiritual accepting atmosphere that does not conflict with your own beliefs but allows for your child to build a good moral compass. This school is worth every penny spent on tuition and gives back a child who smiles and radiates knowledge that grows each day he attends.

- submitted by a parent
December 06, 2013
have a senior here. love it, love it. great school. she is really happy there. would not trade her experience for the world!!!!!

- submitted by a parent
September 29, 2013
Canterbury has been a great experience for my children. It has provided a high quality education in a very nurturing environment. You will notice the difference in a Canterbury student. They are confident and secure in themselves and well prepared for the challenges beyond high school. The small environment allows them to be active in many activities beyond the classroom, from athletics to debate to art. They would not have the opportunity to be active participants in these programs at a larger school. Bottom line, if you're looking for a quality college preparatory education in a safe, nurturing environment you should definitely consider Canterbury Episcopal School.

- submitted by a parent
September 20, 2013
What if you knew your kids would be entering a school filled with warmth and happiness? What if you also knew that they were enjoying their day on a beautiful tree lined campus with natural light overflowing into the classrooms? This is what Canterbury Episcopal School means to me. The quality of education is second to none and the teachers continually create a creative and progressive learning environment. And as a parent, I'm so grateful that Canterbury does not struggle with typical school challenges (drugs, alcohol, bullying, etc.) The smaller structure helps kids to be accountable to themselves, to each other and to the faculty. That is peace of mind that money cannot buy! Canterbury students can focus on their studies, their sports, their arts programs and their spiritual growth. Canterbury challenges my kids while focusing on what's important -- and all while having fun! Canterbury creates leaders and I am grateful everyday that my two kids attend such an amazing school.

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2013
As an educator myself, I know that no school is perfect - public, private, charter, etc., but for my child, Canterbury has proven the best fit academically, emotionally and spiritually. There are pros and cons to being a small school, but weighing those, we have STILL found Canterbury the very best choice. The students, families and faculty, as a whole, LOVE Canterbury, and it shows. Walk the halls of this beautiful campus and you will FEEL the difference. Sounds corny, but it was absolutely true for us! The middle school, its teachers and its leader are AMAZING ...

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2013
CANTERBURY ROCKS!! Another great year for both of my kids, thanks to the teachers and staff! I have a 4th and 11th grader, and we couldn't be happier! My son has been attending since kindergarten, so that tells you what we think of the school. It's great being at a smaller school where you know all the teachers; I can send an email or call and know that I will get a rapid response. My kids are in a very safe, nurturing environment, and I am very grateful for this. The academics offered are top notch, and compare (and honestly, are even better), with other private schools. Both of my kids are getting an awesome education. Looking forward to many more years!

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2013
We have two children in Canterbury and have found the education to be excellent, the price to be a great value for college preparatory, teachers to be dedicated and the student body to be extremely diverse! We have experienced a safe and loving christian environment. The graduates, to date, have all attended competitive colleges and have received great honors including a recent Rhode Scholar! We evaluate each year and certainly have found there to be more prestigious, more seasoned and better funded options but the road keeps pointing us back to Canterbury! The school is meeting a great need in a wide geographic area in the metroplex where there are very few private, K-12, college preparatory schools!

- submitted by a parent
September 04, 2013
Not the school they claim to be. Discipline is confused and unhelpful for the student and the teacher in the classroom. Fights are common and last year fires became the main conversation. Support for teachers by staff is nonexistent. Financing for basic non academic courses unheard of. Students are not monitored during after school hours resulting in dangerous situations. Bullying between students to students, teachers to teachers and teachers to students is commonplace and unchecked. This school likens itself to other top private schools in the area but is similar to a mismanaged public school instead. There is little structure and some students last year reported that various teachers did not teach their subjects but chose to show movies daily without instruction and graded randomly. There is no head of school but instead an "acting head of school" or as he calls himself "education provost". There is one handy man to handle every duty around the school and is subsequently overwhelmed with work and paid little. Academics and sports dominate while all other subjects are ignored and unsupported. More students leave than enroll due to these and other issues.

- submitted by a teacher
July 07, 2013
This school is great. They teach a grade level above! My child is in the lower school currently and all the teachers in the lower school are awesome. In this economy you have to make cuts. All schools are feeling the burden even public. I work in education and would never send my child to public school. At Canterbury your child will learn and be taken care of in a Christian environment. I am glad Canterbury doesn't accept anyone who pays their money like Trinity Christian School. TCS is huge and cheaper but the academics are lacking and sports rule the school. If you want your child to have a solid education send them to Canterbury!

- submitted by a parent
June 03, 2013
Parents beware! The school campus looks great. The school presents itself well upon first glance and they talk a great game. Through the years our family has watched the school progressively decline while the price of tuition increases. The school is hurting financially so they continue to cut programs and teachers. You will find a few good teachers at Canterbury, but unfortunately too many of them lack the proper training needed to be an effective teacher. In addition to the high price tag, there are all kind of hidden costs. Do your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

- submitted by a parent
February 01, 2013
This is my son's first year. While the beginning was quite rough due to work load and being new, he has risen to the challenge and is now doing the excellent work I knew he could if only he had the right direction. His schoolwork is hands down better than it was at the beginning of the year. He looks forward to going to school, and the teachers are so very dedicated. As a proud middle class parent, I cannot say that there is any favoritism shown to children from wealthier families. My son has been nurtured and cherished despite the fact that we are unable to write big checks outside of tuition. The children get along fine, but there are still the normal classroom politics associated in schools containing human children all over the world. There seems to be far less bullying than in other schools, and poor behavior is dealt with strictly ( not harshly ). I appreciate this , because it takes some of the social pressure off so the child can concentrate on a rigorous academic program. Bravo Canterbury!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

- submitted by a parent
February 19, 2012
As a parent of three enrolled in this school I am very satisfied with the education and guidance socially and spiritually my children have received. While the school is a bit smaller than I would like it is improving every year and quantity or course doesn't always produce quality. The student / teacher ratio here is excellent. The teachers, administration, and parents combine perfectly here to provide a terrific school experience. From sports, to strings, to Spanish club there is something for everyone. My children enjoy school and look forward to not only interacting with their friends daily but their teachers. The diversity is great and everyone is similiar in one important way - everyone is college ready.

- submitted by a parent
June 25, 2011
Canterbury Episcopal is an outstanding school. Our two children have been at Canterbury since kindergarten and we have been extremely pleased with the quality of the education that they are receiving. The teachers are very well educated and truly care about their students. The academics at Canterbury are first rate and will prepare a student for success in any college they choose to attend (100% of Canterbury graduates attend college). The staff is very supportive of the students and provides a safe and supportive atmosphere. If you're looking for a school for your child, I strongly encourage you to take the tour at Canterbury. When you visit the campus, observe how the kids get along with one another. Also, check out how polite and respectful they are to their teachers and one another. I think you'll like what you see.

- submitted by a parent
June 13, 2011
I have worked at Canterbury for five years and have found it to be a great school. We care about each student and work hard to meet their needs in a challenging curriculum. Small class sizes make individual attention possible and extra assistance is available for every subject. We offer athletic choices and after school activities. My colleagues are well educated and experienced, and our administration is supportive of students, families, and staff. As I type this in the summer, I am very excited about the upcoming academic year!

- submitted by a teacher
June 02, 2011
My daughter just completed her first year at The Canterbury Episcopal School, and we are quite pleased with the staff, academics, and athletics. You won't find a better school, and I encourage you to take a look at The Canterbury Episcopal School.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2011
I love this school. I have spent half of my career in education (8 of 16 years) here. I have worked in both private and public school systems, and by far CES has been the best. We strive to challenge students, all the while making learning fun. Yes, it does cost to attend, as do all private schools, but it is worth it. My child will be attending this fall, and I am thrilled to know that he will be in a safe and nurturing environment. Just like a family, it is not always perfect, but we are striving to be the best we can be for the children. I am proud to be a part of it.

- submitted by a teacher
May 28, 2011
The Canterbury Episcopal School is located in a beautifully treed area of DeSoto across the street from Thorntree Country Club. One gets a feeling of peace when driving through the campus. The Canterbury staff is truly amazing! The primary school has a very nurturing environment. The teachers there genuinely love and respect each student. The faculty is also extremely knowledgable in their profession. The curriculum is more challenging than what you would find in public school, however, it is appropriate to the level needed in order to adequately challenge the students who come to Canterbury. The parent support is wonderful! Wherever there is a need, parents will step up to help out. There are many fun events that take place throughout the year in the primary school. Students enjoy Book Character Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Dictionary Day, Polar Express Day, Earth Day, Fall Festival, and Texas Trail Ride Day. Compared to most public schools where elementary schools are allowed field trips once a year, field trips are allowed once a quarter. The smaller class sizes and fewer grade levels allows field trips and school events to run more smoothly. I highly recommend Canterbury Episcopal!!

- submitted by a teacher
May 13, 2011
Canterbury has been a wonderful experience for my son and for our family. He has truly thrived in this environment. I am puzzled by many of the reviews on this site, and disagree strongly with most of the negative comments. We actually drive 25 minutes every day for this school, & it is worth every mile. I encourage anyone who is looking for a true college prep school, one where your child will have an opportunity to play on State Champ atheletic teams, a faith-based school, to visit for yourself. We love it!

- submitted by a parent
March 27, 2011
Great school k-12. Co-ed, Culturally, socio-economically, and ethnically diverse. My graduate was so well-prepared for college that she has been tutoring many in her english, biology, and math classes. Athletics to academics, the opportunities are amazing. I cannot say enough about the staff/administration/teachers, they are caring, nurturing, while remaining challenging. From average to genius they can teach them. Beatuful 37 acre campus, great facilities, wonderful teachers and leaders. What more could you ask for?

- submitted by a parent
November 12, 2010
This school is an excellent college preparatory school. My daughter has learned so much while at Canterbury and is learning 2 grade levels above her local public school friends. Lyn Baker, the head of school is amazing and loves the school and children. The teachers in the primary school are exemplary and truly care about the children and their welfare. We absolutely love Canterbury and would highly recommend it.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2010
I left this school in the middle of my high school career. The new headmistress, Lyn Baker, is a witch and is barely involved with the students at all. She often likes to make a scene in front of the student body and has fired some of the best faculty members this school has ever seen. The atmosphere there is a stressful and bitter one. There is no more room left for arts, it has been taken over by the sports which are trying to grow bigger despite the lack of resources the school has. There is no choir, no theatre, and for years the art teachers were not given enough money for their supplies so they were forced to water it down to have enough. This school has become a sad excuse for a college prep school.

- submitted by a community member
June 04, 2010
this is a horrrible school, a lemonade stand has more professionalism! the administration has zero structure. the tuition costs an arm and a leg, and even after that they try to slyly put in random fees (most times $250 or more) then even after that they are asking for us to donate like crazy! and if you don't donate that much they will treat your child unfairly. you cannot pick most of your classes. their are pretty much only 3 electives. the athletics consist of badly planned middle school sports and mediocre high school athletics. the teachers overall are not good. some of them plain out tell bullying is not addressed at all. ahild can be told on for innapropraite pics of them and nothing will be done about it. many students feel that the school is rasict is certain areas. please do not ruin your child's future.

- submitted by a community member
May 18, 2010
This is a great school, my daughter has been there two years and is headed into high school when school starts again. Both she and I are looking forward to graduation in a few years.

- submitted by a parent
May 14, 2010
This school would be fine for a K-possibly 5th grader, but beyond that I would not recommend it. The tuition is very high in relation to the opportunities available, especially once the student is in high school. AP and Performing Arts are lacking. The school is not on sound financial footing so do your research and ask questions before you commit.

- submitted by a community member
April 20, 2010
My child has been in Canterbury for 3 years now and we were looking forward to graduation. This school is not for the median class who are looking for a better opportunity for our young people. They go up in tuition every year but do not offer better quality learning skills. The principal shows favoritism in between students as well. If a parent is not able to make a certain amount of donations, he will pick on that student as much as he can. If a student is struggling with a subject, there is no comprehension or interest to help that student succeed. Yes, Canterbury used to be a great institution, specially in the south area, but now it is not that great. I believe the principal really has a problem with the median and poor class, and unfortunately because of people like that is why this country is so bad.

- submitted by a community member
February 01, 2010
As with all schools, do your research before making an informed choice about your child's school. Canterbury is looking for a particular TYPE of student. Beware that if your child does not meet the mold, Canterbury may not be able to meet their needs. All children are unique in their own way. These special characterisitics should be nurtured. Nurturing may not be Canterbury's strong suit. I was told by administration that Canterbury is the 'best' school in southwest Dallas County. This was a red flag for us in that in speaking with Canterbury officials our concern was with Canterbury and not other schools. Rather than putting down other schools, Canterbury should speak of what they have to offer. Not all schools are for everyone, but most have something to offer. Canterbury was not for us.

- submitted by a parent
March 26, 2009
Canterbury IS a good school, but not for those who are new. both my sons have been in Canterbury for three years now, the older one is now in 9th grade and the younger is in 3rd grade. My older son had been struggling from the start, and as the years have progressed my older one has still made no difference at all. As for my little one, he has always been a perfect student, Now I do believe that Canterbury is an exceptional school, just not for new students. My older one had been a straight A student since he was in Pre-K, but the education here at Canterbury is just a bit to harsh on new children. Please don't send new coming to this school, but do send your younger children here!

- submitted by a parent
no rating June 21, 2008
Canterbury is not for the lite hearted when it comes to education. They truly want to prepare you for college in the sense that from middle school on, the student is expected to make it happen on their own! No babysitting here! So, parents, be prepared to connect with teachers so that you know what is expected because your student that is new to Canterbury may not. Sports are excellent due to the best coaches! Your child will be encouraged in sports. One more thing, don't be misled by the Episcopal name. They are not a Christian school. Faith based at best. If you want a rigorous academic program (lots of homework) and great sports, look in to Canterbury. If you want a Christian education, look elsewhere.

- submitted by a parent
no rating April 22, 2008
I have 2 children attending Canterbury for the past 8 years. My entire family is extremely pleased or we would not keep returning! I have found the teachers more than happy to schedule conferences and discuss the student's work & performance w/ the parent. A parent can request conferences at any time. I like that my children know I have close contact w/ their teachers! That is priceless.

- submitted by a parent
April 20, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a former student
January 22, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
March 23, 2006
We love this school. The K-2 teachers and curriculum are awesome. The atmosphere is very loving and nurturing. They have high standards for behavior and academic achievement. The class sizes are small allowing for a lot of individual attention. The first grade reading curriculum took my child from reading Level 1 books to Magic Tree House chapter books in five months. The first grade math curriculum is out of this world. It is game-based and introduces advanced concepts in a fun way. The kids are doing geometry already and talking about scalene triangles and parallelograms. Many of them are already doing multiplication. They aren't afraid of it because it's fun. Spanish and music are taught twice a week beginning in kindergarten. There is homework every night to reinforce what's being taught in class.

- submitted by a parent
November 29, 2005
The Canterbury Episcopal School is a very high quality college prep education. The standards are high, the teacher/student ratio is great, and the nurturing yet rigorous curriculum is challenging but not overwhelmingly so. The staff is attentive and caring while pushing the students to excel in all they do. With 100% of graduates going on to college, their record speaks for itself. The school has wonderful opportunities for extra-curricular activities; art, band, theater, and athletics, stock market teams, and various academic clubs/competitive teams are available to students who so choose. The athletics program is growing by leaps and bounds and includes this year's state champion TAPPS 1-A girl's Varsity Volleyball team. Basketball, baseball, softball, swimming, soccer, and track are all offered as well at the middle and upper-school levels. All in all, the school offers a well-rounded, challenging college prep education in the southern sector of the Dallas area.

- submitted by a parent
November 10, 2004
We love this school. It gives a first class academic instruction in a personal environment with a real feel of community. Children are encouraged and nurtured and parents are closely involved. It is a young school (has only graduated 1 class, very successfully) with lots of potential. They are very open to any ideas that may make them improve. We evaluated all the schools in the greater Dallas area before enrolling our child and are extremely happy with our choice. I have not heard a negative opinion of the school. The people I know whose children left (only two couples of at least 13 I know well and who send children to the school) did it because they could not keep up with the academic curriculum. It is a college preparatory school. From the beginning. Its main downside is that being so small is does not have a big athletics program.

- submitted by a parent
no rating December 01, 2003
This school needs a little more competition. As a parent I suggest a little more overall performance from the teachers, staff, and principal.

- submitted by a parent

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The Canterbury Episcopal School
1708 N Westmoreland Rd., De Soto, TX  75115
(972) 572-7200
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