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Denton, TX
Students enrolled: 596

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201 Ryan Road
Denton, TX 76210

(940) 369-4600
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February 08, 2015
I gave 3 stars for the teachers -They've worked very hard in a stressful environment. If not for them, I would have rated lower. We've had kids here since 2009-2010 school year and have seen many wonderful teachers leave. They've been professional and not said details. But, the reason is obvious after such high turnover in the past 3 years with this principal. Denton ISD should have listened sooner. Ms. Merki forced teachers to teach ages that weren't what they were used to. Every teacher has an age or subject they do best with - that they have a passion for. To force them to teach a different area is ridiculous. The kids have suffered, especially this year. At this point, it would cause more stress to transfer, and there is a new principal. But come next year, we are gone. I just hope there isn't a big learning gap that affects them in middle school. Last Spring, a child was talking about drills they did at her school. I found out Ryan hadn't had ANY lockdown or tornado drills that school year at all - for 7 months. This is part of the DISD emergency plan. When I've contacted Ms. Merki with concerns, I've felt dismissed. Glad to have new leadership again, as before.

- submitted by a parent
December 16, 2014
Horrible school. My daughter was evaluated at this school and was found to be normal. I took her to see a specialist and she was diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder, this school refused her services. Also, she was horribly bullied in Kindergarten. The teacher never did anything about it and the principal didnt seem to care. She does not consider anything bullying unless the child was physically harmed or given a death threat. Absurd!! We are moving the hell away from Denton ISD into a school district that actually cares the the kids. If you can avoid denton ISD please do.

- submitted by a parent
August 13, 2014
Only school that failed the states low standards in the entire district. Teachers request to leave and families are moving away or pulling their students out of the school.

- submitted by a parent
June 25, 2014
There is no recognition for merit or achievement in the last two years. Everyone gets an "award" to be politically correct and no one's feelings hurt. The brighter students are unchallenged/not receiving appropriate education. Nothing much offered above or beyond bare minimum for them. Non-English speaking students/parents are prioritized and catered to throughout this school. They comprise 50% of school population according to STARR breakdown/ most do not live in Ryan zone. Hence, the STARR scores. English fluency is not attained when same students stay in non-English speaking classes from K-5. This program is not working. Other districts see English fluency in much shorter time. There are also some major behavior issues not being addressed. These students disrupt classes, and impede learning frequently.

- submitted by a parent
June 07, 2014
We used to be happy here and the kids USED to love it. This campus has been through so many new principals and assistant principals... That should have been our clue to get out before the school was drowned with such unprofessionalism, narcissism, and cretinous decisions! The principal has moved teachers every year to grades in which they have no experience. Some grades suffer from a whole new team each year. This only sets the teachers and students for failure. The principal could at least keep one "seasoned" teacher for each team to lead them to success but she cannot see past her own narcissism. If you are on the PTA, I'm sorry, votes don't mean anything with this principal; she will do whatever she wants!! Teachers are being chased away by her bullying or leave because they can't put up with her unprofessionalism, and activities and classrooms are no longer age appropriate. If you are a parent keeping your child at WS Ryan next year, then I suggest you pay your child's classroom a visit. Some teachers keep the kids in the dark all day and the principal says nothing. Discipline is also a huge issue, and complaints made to the campus and district are not taken seriously.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2014
What you asked has happened to this school? Good old fashioned cronyism. It seeps through this school system like sewage. Oh, and the school board is ineffective. It wasn't WHAT this principles credentials were, it was WHO she knew.. Her very good and old friend is the director for elementary academic programs. If the superintendent is aware of the incapability between faculty, staff, and parents with this principle, he would intervene and end this calamity before property values fall. Have you seen the STARR results from this school compared to other schools in this district? Who in there right mind would want to live in that school's zone? Who is suffering the most ?The students. Parents, you pay the salaries. Act Now. Bring back the glory days of this school!

- submitted by a parent
May 29, 2014
What has happened at WS Ryan? Parents are no longer welcomed to come and celebrate achievement with their children. My child is very bright and works hard on everything she does. Is the principal afraid to recognize achievement so we don't hurt the feelings of the children who did not. My daughter is in 4th grade this year. I will be withdrawing her for next year. This administration has major issues. The principal is fake. She makes you think she is her for the children, teachers and parents. All I've seen is a woman who wants control and do whatever it takes to achieve it. She needs to go to save this school from a complete meltdown.

- submitted by a parent
May 28, 2014
Things have changed in the last two years. Most teachers have been assigned classes in different levels from what they were currently teaching. That caused confusion and lots of work on the teachers' parts to master & gather resources for their new teaching assignment. Learning has suffered as a result. Any type of social event for the students has been drastically scaled back. Students are no longer recognized for excellence. Rather, they are recognized for attendance and being a student at the school. The year end awards include one and only one "award" for each student stating a paragraph of praise. No awards allowed for academic achievement. Field day was reduced from a half day to only two and a half hours with lunch and "year end party" during that time. The "year end party" is a cupcake table during field day. Good teachers are leaving in droves. Families are taking their children out and transferring to other schools. The principal is very nice when you meet with her, but cannot be convinced to allow the kids to continue social activities that have been traditional at this school. This and other decisions are affecting the education of our children negatively.

- submitted by a parent
October 24, 2013
The past two years have been nothing but inconsistent, unbalanced, and stressful. The new administration is like a dictaorship. Teachers opinions are not valued or appreciated. Parents complain daily about how she controls everything including the PTA. The school is no longer inviting and fun to teach children. Children feel the stress created directly by the principal. Many teachers left the school last year and many more will leave this year if the same administration remain. I used to love to teach here, but I can't continue to struggle with administration that only values self.

- submitted by a teacher
May 10, 2013
Well this used to be a great school, but now it has a new dictator. She was hired to be the new leader, but she has done nothing but create fear, anxiety, and allowed bullying. In fact she is a bully herself. Teachers are quitting, transferring, and leaving even mid year to get away from her. She has kept PTA funds and not allowed teachers from purchasing necessary supplies for their class even when funds are available and offered by PTA. Students are not punished for yelling, screaming, cussing, threatenening others or hitting. In fact, they are rewarded daily with candy (against state law) and prizes. If your child attends this school, you might want to visit the school soon.

- submitted by a parent
April 09, 2007
What a great school! The faculty, staff and administration work very well together. The administration really listens to the parents. My child is getting better education at WS Ryan, than in private school.

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2006
Great leadership, great teachers, great PTA, great opportunities for children to grow and succedd.

- submitted by a parent
July 17, 2005
This school is a very nurturing place for children to learn all they need to know to become a successful citizen. The atmosphere is a warm enviting one that makes me glad to be here.

- submitted by a teacher
June 16, 2005
Excellent teachers and staff. Excellent level of volunteer participation. Ryan Wrangler choir, great art teacher (award winning!), Student Council for 4th and 5th grades. Camping experience for 5th graders was excellent! Great school

- submitted by a parent
May 27, 2005
I am completely satisfied with Ryan Elementary!

- submitted by a parent
October 04, 2004
I couldn't ask for a better school for my child to go too.

- submitted by a parent
May 10, 2004
My son is in 5th grade and we chose to let him stay and finish out the 5th grade here instead of moving because of redistricting. He has had a wonderful 3 years at this school. The teachers he has had have been great. The arts are prioritized here at this school. My son is in orchestra - which scored a superior at the district level contest. He is in the Ryan World Wrangler group which is a music ensemble, where he learned dances, sang and played instruments. This group is amazing and includes 4th and 5th graders! This campus sends its 5th graders to 5th grade camp -which is a great opportunity. I would highly recommend Ryan Elem. It is going to produce well rounded students and students who enjoy going to school each day.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2004
I sub all around this district this is by far one of the best schools. The problem with this school is systemic from the district. Not enough science is taught. To many children per class.

- submitted by a parent
January 11, 2004
We transferred from a private, montessori school to WS Ryan two years ago. We did so with great hesitation, as our children we receiving a great education. My oldest child has a physical disability and was miserable, socially, going to school - until we came to WS Ryan. The teachers, the counselor, the nurse, the office staff and both principals have made her school experience safe, fun and comfortable - something she had never had before. I have since held quite a few PTA positions and seen first hand the power of parent involvement. As fundraising chair, I have watched our PTA has raise funds in the tens of thousands of dollars, supporting the students and staff of the school in many ways. I can't begin to describe the feeling of community at our fall festival each year! The entire staff (from Mr. Gregory down) and the level of education is top quality. My oldest daughter's teacher is in a doctoral program in education! How is that for experience/education level in the staff! She is amazing - her expectation of her students is incredible. My children are in extra curricular activities and they love it! Overall, my family could not be happier at WS Ryan. It is a safe environment with wonderful things happening every day.

- submitted by a parent
January 10, 2004
I am the Volunteer Coordinator for this excellent school. We have an exceptional level of parent involvement, with over 200 volunteers contributing 7,123 volunteer hours in the 86 days of school so far this year. That equates to 82.8 volunteer hours per day or more than 10 full time employees per day volunteering at school or at home on behalf of our teachers and students. It is an outstanding learning environment with a commitment to excellence shared by faculty, staff and by the community that supports our school. We also have student volunteers from both the University of North Texas and Texas Womans' University coming regularly. Please see the front page of the Denton Record Chronicle on 12/24/03 for an article on 'Writers of the Purple Sage', a joint effort of our wonderful librarian, Janet Latham, art teacher Nancy Walkup, and our dedicated volunteers, who together enabled 12 fourth grade students to publish and illustrate their own original books. I have a first and fourth grader at this school and could not be more satisfied.

- submitted by a parent
no rating January 09, 2004
It's too bad when a parent cannot understand the choir program---and for future reference it is a World Music Ensemble. It is the philosopy of the music specialist to educate the students on the musics of the world, other cultures, after all America is a plethora of cultures. It would have been nice to take the time to get to know the music specialist and learn about her interesting adventures and experiences. Don't judge a book by it's cover. She is an educated, well-versed author, performer, and teacher, and is smarter than one would think! So before one calls a 'choir' program strange---educate yourself!

- submitted by a community member
January 09, 2004
I have two children in the school and they have grown tremendously- academically, emotionally and socially. I give the teachers and staff much of the credit. I feel like my children are truly cared about in every way when they walk through the doors.

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2004
I am both a parent and teacher at W.S. Ryan ELementary school so I see this school from both sides! I can say that this is a fabulous place to work for many reasons. The leadership is enthusiastic and supportive, the custodians are hard-working and positive and most of all the teachers work hard every day for the children! I also believe that this school is a great place to have my children attend school. This school provides a good balance between learning and creativity. We have outstanding special area teachers and students! I am proud to work at W.S. RYan!

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2004
Amazing things are happening at W.S.Ryan! They have many extracurricular activities. There are the Ryan World Wranglers (the diverse ensemble, STUCO (student council), orchestra, and the Writers of the Purple Sage (WS Ryan's very own publishing house!) I continue to be amazed at the dedication and determination of the staff and also the parents. This school has found its groove!

- submitted by a community member
January 09, 2004
I was very surprised to read the previous review about WS Ryan. We transferred from a private school to WS Ryan a year and a half ago, and we did so with great hesitation. However, my family has been so happy with the entire experience. The entire staff (from Mr. Gregory to the lunch helpers) and the level of education has always been top quality. I am active on the PTA and in the classroom, and I see it all--and every day I am excited that my kids get the chance to attend such a wonderful school. Parental involvement is outstanding--just look at the volunteer sign in log and you will see how involved so many of our parents are every day! It's great to see so many individuals interested in the quality of our kids' education. Believe me--WS Ryan is an excellent school!

- submitted by a parent
January 09, 2004
The atmosphere in this school is amazing! The unity of the faculty makes this school a very warm and friendly place for children and their families. The bar is raised towards the curriculum learned in the classrooms. The children are always engaged in learning! It is nice to know that more than half of the teachers use their own time and money to participate in workshops during the week and weekends that teach new and exciting ways for the children to keep learning! They then bring that information back to the school and share it with all the grades to use as a resource in the classroom. The children have the opportunity to participate in many extra curricular activites such as orchestra, student council, World Wranglers, and more! The parent involvement is more than any teacher could ask for! As a teacher, we are spoiled with wonderful help from many different parents that donate their personal time and energy from their families to help in the classrooms, on field trips, and with work sent home. They volunteer their time in the lunchroom to open milk, ketchup, lunchables, you name it, just so teachers can have a break for 30 minutes to enjoy their own lunch. Our school has an extravagant carnival as a fundraiser for our school and a very much needed Student Appreciation Day for the children at the end of the year, which includes a bounce house and maze, many refeshments, Karoke, and games. All this is planned and put together by the many different wonderful and supportive parents of our school! Any and every parent is encouraged and welcomed to become more involved in their child's educational experience. The leadership of our administratiion is very clearly understood. As teachers, we know what is expected of us and we rise to those expectations. It is those values that I implement in my classroom, as the children rise to my expectations as a teacher. Our environment is comfortable, fun, and supportive because of the morale established from our faculty and staff. Teachers have the privilege to teach at any school they choose; I am very proud to be teaching at Wayne Stuart Ryan Elementary! Keep it up guys!

- submitted by a teacher

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Ryan Elementary School
201 Ryan Road, Denton, TX  76210
(940) 369-4600
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