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year round school


rbriggs88 January 11, 2011

how will this work?...when is summer break? What if a child is to spend summers with another parent in another state?

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gummy1 January 11, 2011

Hi! in the Socorro District of El Paso, the students have 2 weeks off in October (compared to none for traditional calendar schools), and 2 weeks off in March, (compared to 1 for traditional calendar schools) and then go back to schoolin the summer about 3 weeks before the other kids do. So this year they got out of school June 4, and went back Aug.3 or around there..


BPLumb February 25, 2011

It isnt "year round' per se, they get more breaks during the year and their summer is a little shorter...I wish I could move east so my kids could go to that district. It is rated MUCH better than where we are stuck and I hear nothing but positive from the parents whose kids attend Socorro schools. Not all fo the schools are year round, only Socorro, Yselta and El Paso are traditional, and El Paso schools are the worst as far as education!

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