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What is the best school district for a child with autism?


rosanna11 April 5, 2011

I have a 2 1/2 yr old son with autism. I have been told he'll be a candidate for early pre-k b/c of his disability. We live in EPISD, but I have horrible things about this school district. Which one is the best for autism?

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buffyruffy April 15, 2011

I would recommend MacArthur Intermediate school. My daughter has autism though it's getting better because of the school. There is a uniform so you don't have to worry about bullying and the teachers are kind. Since it's elementry- middle school it will be easier to adjust since it's the same school. Depending how serious the autism you may want to consider special education. So I completely recommend MacArthur.


charmplace April 18, 2011

Cielo Vista Elementary turned my son's and our life around. WONDERFUL teachers.

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