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Moving to El Paso


drshamen February 21, 2012


I am moving to El Paso and am looking for the best private school for my elementary school age kids. If someone can also let me know best private school for middle school and high school ages that would be great!!

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0f3l1a March 1, 2012

I moved here in 2004 and I can tell you that the best private school in town is St. Raphael Catholic School (Pre K - 8 th) 1 st. place in Academics and affordable tuition.


drshamen March 4, 2012

Thanks 0f3l1a!! Any alternatives?.....


joshua2004 June 7, 2012

Hi I have lived in El Paso all my life and I have had my son in public and private catholic school and I have finally found a private school that its main concern is the children they have done wonders with my son who is 8 yrs old he is reading at a 6th grade level. I would highly recommend this school it is called Innovative Learning Academy email is or call (915)629-0007. The teachers and staff are great!

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