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JMelendez724 May 18, 2012

Will be moving to El Paso soon. Looking for outstanding school for my daughter who will be starting Kindergarten but is at 1st grade level( hoping they have some sort of testing to put her at her correct level). She would be in 1st if we were back at home. But because of cut off dates it has pushed her behind.

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joshua2004 June 7, 2012

Hi I have lived in El Paso all my life and have a son who has been able to be promoted a grade. I found that in public school they seem not to promote them on their knowledge but on how old they are he was promoted from kinder to second grade once I was able to find this private school who actually tested him to see what grade he should actually be at. This year was the best year my son has had in second grade. The school is Innovative Learning Academy they have wonderful teachers and staff that is willing to listen. I highly recommend this school. email or call (915)629-0007. You will be so happy you did!

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