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Moving to El Paso


user5464381 February 27, 2014

Hi, a few questions.... we are moving to El Paso in April/May... I homeschool, but i am hoping to find some info on therapists..... My Son has CAS (childhood Apraxia of Speech) and SPD... I need a good SLP that has experience with Apraxia.. and an OT.. Preferably one that also does Vision Therapy as my Daughter was just diagnosed with Accommodative Insufficiency and Ocular Motor Dysfunction..... with a possible future diagnosis of dysgraphia...... can anyone give me some insight on who to go to?

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user5464381 February 27, 2014

oh and i forgot, my daughter also was diagnosed with ADHD but with this new dx of the vision disorder, the adhd may not be a true dx

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