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Houston, TX
Students enrolled: 135

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6610 Alder Drive
Houston, TX 77081

(713) 667-9895
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October 21, 2014
Teachers are wonderful !Activities are good!but most important Safety is very bad anyone can walk in through the exit gate of the toddlers just by waiting for someone to exit bad bad !scary too!i mentioned that too the office but it seemed like never really care!anyone could walk in and out buildings are not very safe!well buildings besides that are lonely and no security that was on one of the buildings while picking up my daughter a lady tripped over and a worker there was trying to pick her up another lady told her to not pick her up she could be hurted apparently didn't mind still did poor woman and her baby boy was crying maybe afraid just not prepared for situations!were afraid too of the safety of the buildings just imagine if it was my daughter and having to leave our daughter there.Also my husband heard a lady saying they couldn't find their son and things like this I was so scared that we decided to pay a little more but safe! If you love your kidS like us we don't recommend this child care!

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2014
My children have been attending Robindell since Aug 2012. My son started in Kinder and my daughter started in the 3 yr old class. My son excelles academically and his teachers Ms. Raima and Ms. Mary were wonderful. My daughter has loved each of her teachers, Ms. Norma, Ms. Crystal, and Ms. Tiffany, and made a special bond with them. They made many good friends in and enjoy going to school. My son just finished 1st grade with Ms. Cole and had a great time learning in her class. My daughter graduated prek. Robindell currently offers 2nd grade but sadly has decided to cut 2nd grade for next year due to low enrollment for the up coming 2nd grade class. I would absolutely love for him to attend 2nd grade here for 2014-2015 school year so if any parents of a soon to be 2nd grader are interested this is a great school and class sizes are small. If enough students sign up they will offer 2nd grade again. My son also enjoyed the weekly karate classes. both my children have a lot of fun during their summer program. field trips, splash days, and crafts. I used robindell 1st as a drop in daycare when my youngest was 2. It's a very convenient daycare since its 24/7 and I've never had a problem.

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2014
When my son first start going to this school i was a little worried, only because he was not use to being around people he did not know as well as other kids. As a parent I didn't know what to think, he has been going there for almost a year now and I LOVE it! his teacher is really nice, all of the staff greets him as he walks through the hallway, if anything from a small cut to him running a fever they will call and notify me. When I randomly go pop up on him he's either playing, having circle time, doing arts or crafts, or singing. He comes home signing his ABC's and nursery songs. I feel safe knowing he is there.

- submitted by a parent

April 01, 2014
Robindell Private School is best school ever. My daughter attends the school since she was a baby. The staff are so knowledgeable about their materials. My daughter loves the school and she learn a lot from the school. She is doing matching game since she is 2 years and six month old. It is good place to for children to nurture and develop. The teacher talk to me every day about my daughter learning progress. She always emphasis the class rule among her students.

- submitted by a parent

September 10, 2013
My son has been attending for a couple months now and overall the experience has been pleasant. Although, there are a couple things I feel should be changed. My main issue is security of the children. The school gives you the option of a pick up list. This list is never used. The process of dropping off and picking up consist of signing your child in at the front desk and taking them to an assigned classroom. Picking up is the same concept, but there may be a new teacher in the classroom for the evening shift or just someone filling in. They often ask who are you coming to get. With that being said, I could clearly say any child (s) name since it's tapped to the back of their shirt or point at a child and they give them to you. I would like for the school to change this concept or check the parents ID before going to the classroom everyday. The only other concern is, the teacher's wearing shoes around the infants (my son is 12 months). I previously worked at an ISD with infants and the teachers were required to take off their shoes and wear clean socks or slippers since the children are crawling around. Here they wear everyday tennis shoes around the infants.

- submitted by a parent

June 18, 2012
Summer is here and my kids have never been so excited about going to daycare. They have an awesome summer program and the kids are doing really neat arts and crafts projects, going on field trips off campus twice a week and having a splash day where they get to play on a splash pad and a huge water slide. They can t wait for splash day each week on Fridays. I don t think they are going to let me miss one. They are going to Moody Gardens, Kemah, Astros Game, Nasa, Zuma, Moneky Joes ITZ and other placed. Prices aren't bad either. I can t think of a better place for the money to put them in a summer program that is going to keep them this excited about coming to school.

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2012
My child enjoys coming to Robindell. She loves the teachers. When I pick her up in the evening she never wants to leave. She enjoys playing with the other children. My daughter is 2 years old now. I feel comfortable leaving my child here and not looking to send her anywhere else. The school is always clean, lovable, teachers and nice environment for kids.

- submitted by a parent

May 24, 2012
The teachers and staff make my child's experience here very enjoyable. They are both professional and courteous. The pre-K teachers are committed to excellent and my child is benefiting from their dedication.

- submitted by a community member

May 15, 2012
I have had my 3 year old here since she was 10 months old. The staff has always been very nice to her and me. She has learned so much over the past 2 years. I have been very pleased with this center.

- submitted by a parent

May 07, 2012
I must say, as a new mother, they give boost of confidence and peace of mind to know that they are so capable of looking after my daughter. From the moment we walk into the building, not just her classroom, we are greeted, so they are very aware of who is entering and exiting the infant building. they have separation of age groups. they take the children out for daily walks, sing songs, have group interactions, and are on point with the feedings. they always change her diaper before the ride home, as well are in constant communication when supplies are low, if they notice a change in her behavior, or if she seems to need or want a particular thing. we have meetings on if they think she is ready for the next step or phase of food.

- submitted by a parent

July 28, 2011
My kids have been attending This facility for over 2 years not many problems... My kids are well educated and watched over... They have a pretty large staf and more than half of the teachers and staff address my kids by name I love it

- submitted by a parent

April 27, 2011
i like the fact that in order to be a teacher at Robindell you have to have a CDA or teaching\education degree unlike a lot of daycare facilities that i've visited in the year that i've been a texas resident. Also i find that Robindell is a NAEYC accredited program

- submitted by a parent

December 01, 2010
Check out any school for yourself!! While reviews can be helpful, you have to understand a school can make one parent angry for something minor and make 100 happy and its the one that's mad who writes the review. The Director is at this school everyday so for the reviewer who said otherwise, that's just not true. This school is very well run and is the only 24-hour childcare facility in the Uninted States to ever be Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

- submitted by a teacher

July 07, 2010
Two thumbs DOWN!!!!! This is just a heads up for those of you who are just looking, keep your eyes open at all times, pop-in whenever you can. Trust me if decided to give them a chance you may regret it. I am not going to even get started on what happen with my son but if I have 10 hands they all would have a thumb down on Robindell Private school's behave. Starting from Roachs to rats to academic to there overall care for there students. If I could give them negative stars the would have -10. I am going to say good luck try it out and see. who knows? they may treat your child great.

- submitted by a parent

June 29, 2010
This school was supposed to be a temporary school until I got a space from a montessori school after summer . I didn't have too much expectation of it since it is so inexpensive ($120/wk or $480 /m ) compare to the one I was waiting to send my kid to ($1100/m), and I was told "you get what you pay". I did have some reservation in the beginning since the tuition is so inexpensive and they even provide 3 hot meals (B, L and D) to all kids with 2 snacks a day. Out of my surprise, I am starting to like what I see. My child does different art work everyday, and they have a beautiful splash park and kids get to play there once a week, the outdoor playground are shaded by tent (very thoughtful in this hot Houston summer). My child's teacher updates me what she does

- submitted by a parent

August 12, 2009
My two boy's Chris and Emmanuel has been attending Robindell for the past two years and performing above average, thank's to mr. Chuck, Rita and their teachers, including the nusery teachers.One thing all perants should bear in mind is working with their children at home if you really want to see the best result of any school, it does not matter what school,for example my baby girl started attended Robindell for a while and really had a good start and now she is two and can recognize her all her letters,her name and other things so for me Robindell has really worked out and if I can still afford it, My three kids will remain there for as long as possible. No regrets!!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 19, 2008
Robindell needs to be exposed for the 'assembly' line way of running their school. I think the teachers are either ill equiped to handle the class and/or there are too many children to one teacher. I had to pull my son from Robindell after several 'incident' reports filed. The last straw for me was when he fell and now his front 2 teeth are broken. My son is only two. Why wasn't the teacher watching him a little more carefully? Oh, good luck with trying to meet with the director, which is never there on campus or 'in a meeting'. I wish I had never sent my child to that school. Now he has missing teeth to show for it. Thanks a lot Robindell, you really know how to care for children.

- submitted by a parent

April 17, 2008
My daughter has attended Robindell for over a year now and so far so good. I think that they could be more careful and have more teachers in the class at a time. Everyone is very nice to my daughter. When she is sick they call me right away. I think that it is also the parents job to make sure that they don't take their sick kids to school. I know that if she has a ear infection that is different then pink eye. My daughter has gotten pink eye a few times from other kids. But I think that is the same at most schools and daycares. She as been to the daycares that cost more money and still got sick, so what do you do?? She has learned so much and now she loves to talk and read. I think this is a good place for her.

- submitted by a parent

September 04, 2007
My infant has gone to Robindell for a while. I think they generally have taken care of her very well . In day care settings staff is sometimes so busy that I appriciate the warmness they still have for children. I do not have experience about academic program, but I think what infants need most is attention and baseic needs to be fullfilled. I would like to see staff playing with kids little more. Some toys would need more cleaning but staff is warm and careing and that is most important to me.

- submitted by a parent

April 05, 2007
-I love that almost all staff recognize and know my daughter and she has only been going three month(from the time she was 9 months to 12 months). Our daughter's favorite teachers so far are Miss Natalia, Ms. Mary, and Ms. Pilar. The teachers also move to different rooms as the kids grow so they almost always interact with the same teachers on a daily basis. Our child has now become a social butterfly at school and while shopping in public. She now blows kisses, gives kisses, and waves hi and goodbye to practically everyone. This school is a fantastic choice, especially if you are a parent in retail. Enroll yoour child soon since as of April 5 2007, they are no longer accepting children under 17 months.

- submitted by a parent

February 01, 2007
My daughter currently attends Robindell and has attended about a year now. I am pleased and very proud of Robindell. Chuck and Rita have given working parents a wonderful academic resource for our children without compromising quality care. I love Robindell and would recommend them to every one. They have a wonderful program and they really care about my child. They also offer care for parents who have extremely hectic schedules. My daughter is in the 2-year old class and she's learning at an accelerated rate. She had a speech delay due to a hearing impediment. She is now talking at the rate she should at her age. They have outlets for the children and make sure they are well-rounded. My daughter just signed up for the karate class. Finally, Robindell is very affordable. I think it's the absolute best you can get for your money in Houston.

- submitted by a parent

August 04, 2006
My son is 12 month old. I cant really see academic program yet, but all other important details looks very nice - everything clean, flors, tables, bads, toys. There are two teachers always in the room with kids. Teachers trained very well and they're good with the kids. They sing songs, play finger games (like London Brige or Patty Pay), use Baby Sign Language. There are 8-10 kids same age 12mo-14 mo in same room (not like all kids under 14 mo in the one room), so my son can play equaly. And it's chip - $130/week or $4.50/hr and it's open 24/7 with same rate. You can come anytime and look what are they doing in there. They feed kids twice and two snaks, but you can bring your dinner. I saw bigger kids playing with sprinkler. Playgrounds are safe but they do not take kids outside then it's hot.

- submitted by a parent

March 13, 2006
My daughter went to Robindell Private School as a daycare from the time she was 2 until this year, when she'll complete 3rd grade at age 8. Last year, at age 7 (second grade), she was given the standardized tests which showed her reading comprehension to be at the level of a child in seventh grade and her math to be at the level of a child in third grade. Robindell has a very high security level. It is very affordable, has great food and an extended day (24 hours) that doesn't cost extra. It is only about half the price of most private schools. If you're considering public school where you'd pay for after school programs anyhow, Robindell is a better choice. If you're considering private school because of the security and scholastics, Robindell has a comparable, if not better, program at half the price.

- submitted by a parent
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Robindell Private School
6610 Alder Drive, Houston, TX  77081
(713) 667-9895
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