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How do public and private schools compare in Houston?


kkornas August 14, 2008

How do public and private schools compare in Houston?

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tobbyandlui November 18, 2008

In Houston, you can find great public schools with challenging curriculums as great as private schools. Schools there are great, when I used to live in Cypress, TX, my kids went to schools rated 10/10, their curriculum is challenging, my kids were so happy at their schools and l can tell they were learning a lot, unfortunately, I had to move to another state, because of my husband's job, but believe me, if I have another opportunity to go back there, I will choose the same schools for my kids.


olivial February 19, 2009

I agree with tobbyandlui if you do your homework you CAN find public schools that are on par with a private school. ive done private as well in the early years I would definitely recommend this to anyone I did it for peace of mind and feel as though it provided a solid foundation for my son.


murphie_t May 17, 2009

Absolutly NO! Public and private schools do not compare with AISD Houston. Sadly, I live in 77082 (Royal Oaks) I am offered Alief ISD as my public schools. Awful, horrid, disgusting. I would not send my dog to school at my assigned elementary school. The currently economic difficulties have reared its head in my home, after paying 3 years of tuition at The Village School, I decided to tour Outly Elementry to consider my options. The teachers seem high quality, the facilities are somewhat acceptable, however, where my child has been receiving an academically challenged curriculum at Village those of the same grade level at Outly Elementry cannot compare to my child's academic level. My child is 6 years old in kindergarten and has been exposed to science, arts, movement, a strong phonics based reading program (my child has read 180 1st grade books with fluency and comprehension) computers and foreign language. My child takes weekly spelling test and timed (1 minute) math test of 1 to 10 number facts and has started timed subtraction as well. In January '09, I visited an Outly kindergarten class -- they were working on letter sounds (you are joking right?) at that point in the year my child was way past the 100th book. The untidy, frumpiness of the children's dress was overwhelming. The children's level of intellect was disappointing and their conduct was appalling and uncivil. Bottom line, there is no possible way the children at Outly are performing at the same level as my child. I will continue to pay my high property tax, pay my "$24,000 a year for two" tuition and never use AISD. Very dissappointing fact for AISD.

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