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Askew Vanguard or Briarmeadow Charter School


Anonymous December 8, 2008

My two kids, who will be in Kinder and 1st grade for the 2009-2010 school year, attend Briarmeadow Charter School (BCS). I am exploring Vanguard schools for them. My choices, due to location, is TH Rogers and Askew Elem. I realize that TH Rogers is in a league of its own (ie: competitive). My question is this: If my kids do not get into TH Rogers, should I enroll them in Askew or leave them at BCS? Does anyone have experience with both schools or Askew? Askew and BCS both have new principals. I don't have any problems with BCS, but wonder if Askew Vanguard will provide a "better" education, and how much better? If it's only 10% better, for example, I'll probably leave them at BCS, because it is closer to home. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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momtoaj January 11, 2009

My daughter just took the Vanguard test to get into kinder at Askew 1st choice or THRogers 2nd choice. I have heard excellent results from parents from both schools if it is in the Vanguard program. If she does not get into either we already have her registered for BCS. I do not have an answer for you but I'm wondering how BCS is just in case? Or should we move to the Spring Branch area for better schools?


lilshernmin January 12, 2009

This is my 2nd yr at BCS. I have a Kinder kid and Pre-K kid. My problem is that I have nothing to compare BCS with. I suppose BCS is fine. My neighbor's daughters go there. The oldest is in 4th grade, I think. I do like that it a small school. Only about 400 kids thru middle school. My kinder child is learning how to play chess now. I do wish that the curriculum for Kinder was more challenging, because he needs it...which is why we applied for the Vanguard program.

BTW, I also applied for Askew 1st choice and THRogers 2nd choice.

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