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What books are used to teach in the Gifted and Talented program for first graders?


bentlykitty26 December 22, 2008

My daughter did not make it into the gifted program even though she made a 91 composite score with a 96 in reading on the CSAT score and also made a 130 on the Naglieri test. I have been up to here with my school's administration of the conflicting information provided to me. In short they said that my daughter did not make the cut and would be tested next year. I was wondering if someone can tell me what is taught in the gifted program and are there books I can buy with a curriculum that I can teach my daughter at home? She is willing to do more work at home and is always wanting to do homework.

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healthy11 December 22, 2008

Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide website, and there are no "standards" for gifted education across the U.S. Some schools don't offer any gifted ed programs, while many others don't begin until 3rd grade... The variation between bright children's reading abilities is wide, and there are no "set guidelines" that I know of which say a gifted first grader should be able to read X,Y,Z books.
You might want to join and repost your question in Greatschools Gifted Parents Group at


sheila1 January 2, 2009

i think you can go to teacher book supply store. I used loliipop logic book for my son and it worked well.

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