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How help my son of 8 years who forget all the math class very easy


mamachela February 17, 2009

My son is eigh years old and is goingo to grade 2 and I'm having hard time with him because he forget all the classes.He forget very easy what he learned the last week in math and I need explain again the next week,the teacher is constantly sending me messages about his performances in math specially.Someone has the same problem? can someone give me advices?The las year he was very well in the school and this year all the things are going bad,we changed him from school because we move out.and when we speak he say so there are one girl who speak to much in the class and he can't hear very well what the teacher say,but I don't think so that isn't the problem.

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trooper February 17, 2009

Your son is lucky to have a mom like you!
I think you need to schedule a conference with your son's teacher. You need to ask her questions about his performance in math - and in all of his subjects. A new school can be a difficult transition for a child - and he may need extra him in feeling comfortable in his new setting. Does he have the same teacher for Math that he has for his other subjects? Has his hearing been tested lately? Could this be a language problem? Is it possible for him to be seated away from the girl who is distracting him? His teacher can help with these problems.
Another possibility is that your child might be showing signs of a learning issue. Does he have trouble staying organized? Does he forget assignments? Does he lose things? Is this happening at home, or just at school?
Is his handwriting legible? Can he align numbers and letters on a page? If you answers are "yes" to some of these questions, request that your child be tested for a learning disability. The school must provide this testing - at no cost to you.
Hope this helps! Keep in touch!


mamachela February 18, 2009

Thank you for your advices there are things so you say and are true,I'm thinking is a languaje problem because we are latin family,in home only speak spanish.My son did prek in the bilingual program,but in kinder and grade1 he was in ESL program because the school hasn't the same program but he was a very intelligent kid and learned very fast spoke english.And now in this school they haven't ESL program and he was put in the english class with all the kids and the teachers wanted to put in bilingual class again,and we don't want because this was going to be like start again,he learned to speak,read and writte english and do all this in spanish was going to be very confuss and will be a great disventage for him.Is very hard for me take decisions because isn't easy but sometimes I think thas is the problem,now he is doing the same thing with all the subjects i'm feeling so he's no doing well,no like the last two years ago and he feel very frustrate too,and a don't want to press him,because each time so we talk he start to cry and he think so I don't understad him.Whe we do the homerwork sometimes he's frustating because can't remember how to do the work,but when I help he's more confident in what is doing.There are more things too,he can't write legible but know how to witte, but I don't know what to thik.This week or the next my husban and me are going to conference with the teacher,we want to know how she can help us.Thank you very much for your advices.Good bless you.


thistlezen May 19, 2009

Is your child highly artistic and creative???
Children learn differently than one another.. and perhaps he may learn better being taught a certain way and his own teacher may not have been able to figure that out. Also he may know the material and may be getting tested in the wrong way. Sometimes explaing what we know and being tested in what we know can come out in a very different way.

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