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What do you think about the kids who punch the bus driver?


Anonymous March 6, 2009

Yesterday i saw in the tv,how a kid punched a poor bus driver,because the woman didn't took the way so the kid wanted.What do you think about this?Why there are many violence,angry in the kids?I can't see my children doing this to the adults,I'm dissapointed with this.Someone saw this video in the media?

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healthy11 March 6, 2009

In most school districts, there are specific guidelines against physical contact with anyone, student-to-student, student-to adult, adult-to student... I did not see this video, but did they say what disciplinary action was taken?

The problem with much of what you see on tv is that it's "sensationalized." The 99.99% of bus drivers who don't deal with hitting aren't shown, because those stories don't generate viewership.

As to why this student punched the driver, I can't say for sure, but it's possible the student has a medical condition that's not being addressed, such as bipolar. Like so many other medical situations, it's not something kids ask to be born with, but if not properly treated, they can "fly off the handle" pretty easily.

If I were you, I wouldn't dwell on what you saw on tv, but instead continue to instruct your children proper behavior, and be grateful they are good kids who don't have to deal with mental health issues.


1seremen March 6, 2009

I did not see the video on TV. I think this particular child needs his or her parent to drive him or her to school and seek counseling.

I would not blame media for showing this child's behavior. Media is one of the society watch dogs and many of them are doing their job. The days of covering up societal ills for many decades are gone and all people have to be careful with all their words/actions.


lockmama March 6, 2009

I did not see this video either but I would think student's actions would be considered assult. The boy better hope the bus driver has a forgiving nature or he may be facing criminal charges.


Jo-Momof2 April 8, 2009

Violence in kids really is a worry of all, this violence comes from home. I'm not saying from parents (could be) but from video games, movies. We as parents need to be careful what are children are "playing" depending on their ages sometimes they don't see the difference between virtual and real world.
This kid needs to be punished for this act and parents should not "bail" him/she out of the punishment, as this would only be giving the message that mom and dad will get him/she out of trouble for whatever they do....


thistlezen May 19, 2009

My kid hugs the bus driver everytime she gets off the bus. The bus driver say that is so sweet.. the bus driver sit with her hands in her lap.. She says.. I wish I could hug you back but I would get in trouble.

I think there should be two adults on every bus. one driving one supervising.

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