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Is the Harmony Houston NW campus a good choice for my 2nd grader?


Anonymous April 27, 2009

I am concerned about the poor grammar and spelling on the website, the focus on Turkish culture to the exclusion of all others, the non-native English speaking teachers as they can be difficult to understand with little inexperienced ears, and the reports on disorganized administration. I want the best possible education for my children and I don't want to put them in a place where they struggle unnecessarily with issues that are not directly related to academics.

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lbmommy November 13, 2010

I don't know about Houston but the same issues came up in Bryan-College Station's Harmony school. I have heard the same concerns, as well as a high turnover rate and poor pay for the teachers. I opted not to do it, as the public schools were also good. I would suggest other options. While kids overcome accents, administration is another issue.


mommaknows November 17, 2010

Don't do it look up Gulen schools!!!


notanut November 21, 2010

This was such an issue an issue for me. I am a teacher in a nearby district. Accents. Yes. But this is much more an issue for parents than it is for kids. Kids get over it quickly. They listen and pay attention to teachers who are good. There is a brief period of adjustment. But these teachers KNOW they have accents. They also speak frankly and openly about it to the kids.

While it is true that I have NEVER ever seen poor grammar on an website in my district, I have absolutely positively heard teachers teaching Language Arts to primary grade children who have no excuse for their lack of mastery of the English language. I have seen classes routinely taught solely to the bottom half who need to pass the TAKS test. I have seen unaddressed behavior problems that destroy any possibility of meaningful learning.

So, for me. Choosing between placing my brilliant child in a group of accented immigrants who teach the high level math and science I am looking for and who manage or eliminate behavior problems vs. choosing to put him in a classroom rife with behavior problems, overworked teachers, and basic skills only education is a no-brainer.

This school wins awards. Many. In the "highly acclaimed" district, only certain kids in certain schools gain access to a curriculum that will allow kids to win awards. The Turkish culture thing. They are a Turkish company. Here in Texas we teach a Christian only culture/perspective. Go figure. Six in one half dozen in the other.


justamom1 December 28, 2010

My daughter started Harmony when she was in the 3rd grade and is now in 7th. My son attended a public school all the way through 12th. (Cy-fair) the difference in their education is night and day. I wished my son had the chance to attend Harmony while he was in school. Yes, some teachers are hard to understand, but like someone mentioned, children adapt. Yes, there are spelling issues on some of their words...We do know they are turkish and probably spell as they speak it but look at your child's text messages or email, the teachers at Harmony still beat that!! So to nit pick little things like that is just silly. I worked in a public school. The discipline issues that go on day to day are out of this world!! :( (I worked in the discipline room) I would hate for my child, who is bright and in the GT classes, to sit all day while some other kid freaked out and the class had to be removed or was so disrespectful to the students or the teachers, hitting, tripping, spitting, punching, etc. I worked in an elementary so all the above I mentioned is very accruate. Let your kid try any of that at Harmony and you and your child will be spinning fast out the door on your booty..that is not acceptable anywhere but public schools is where you see it the most. My daughters education is very important to me but so is how her day is spent and what she is exposed to. Fighting, disrespect, nasty nasty things that are said and done...I'll take Harmony any day over a public school. And if I feel she is lacking any type of academics, I'll be the parent and pick up the slack!!


EducationTB May 31, 2011

I agree with mommaknows look up Gulen Schools


jfriedrich11 April 8, 2012

Don't pay attention to the people talking about Gulen schools. Do your own research. It is the same person with different screen names. Uninformed xenophobic.

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