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Moving to League City tx, from Louisiana. What area has the best schools? They are in private school right now


jesszam May 21, 2009

Moving to League City tx, from Louisiana. What area has the best schools? They are in private school right now

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sleigh May 23, 2009

If your child has any need now or ever for special services via IDEA then RUN FROM THIS DISTRICT. We are in litigation because the Spec Ed Superintendent feels our son's many Drs. and the evaluations are wrong about our severely ill son needing an IEP. They would rather toss taxpayers' money to the courts instead of a disabled child!!! It is such a shame.


Child_Of_Ra June 3, 2009

CCISD is THE district in League City. It's the only one, and it's one of the best. My brother lives there and his wife is a teacher. They are proud to be a part of this city and district and excited to be raising a child there.

Feel free to use the GreatSchools search feature on the upper right side of any GS page. Check the "schools" button and enter "League City, TX" in the box and hit "GO". It will give you a listing of ALL schools both private and public.

Here you can read parent reviews about schools listed (a 5-star rating), and public schools have a score of 1-10 (10 is the best) which is based on different criteria one of which is testing. Pick the higher numbered schools and read more about them there.

I found my daughter's current school through this site, and I am ever so pleased. It's rated a 10 here, with parent reviews of 4-stars. It's been an amazing school for her. I think you'll find this feature helpful to get you started in your search.


sleigh June 4, 2009

Yes, Clear Creek ISD is THE district in League City, Tx. We actually moved TO this district over 15 years ago FOR the school district. You can look at stars on a rating chart or ask parents of a child in THE district. I would suggest this parent move to a nearby district such as Pearland ISD or Friendswood ISD.
We too were content and proud of CCISD until last year when they bumped ny son's grades from (failing as low as an 18) to passing. We have this documented on 2 different forms with 2 different Vice Principals' signatures. The school district has a recent history of denying services.
This WAS the district everybody wanted their children in, but it changed. It used to OFFER services to struggling students, but now ignore that their is even an educational need (problem).
Would you want to pay our high taxes and not be able to send your children to public school? And God forbid if your child should be stricken with an illness that impairs her ability to learn. CCISD will just bump those grades up to passing and tadaaa, she's passing and does NOT have an educational need. I wish I would have known about this before we bought a home here.
By the way, there are several different districts within 10 miles of my League City home.


michellea June 4, 2009

It is not uncommon for a district to meet the needs of some students and not others. In addition, the culture and quality of districts are somewhat fluid - changing as a result of administrative turnover, economic difficulties, other outside factors.

That said - families should be sure to clarify their definition of an excellent school system. Are small class sizes important? A breadth of offerings at the HS level? Diversity, Sports, Solid special ed programs, cutting edge technology, before and after school programs, good test results.

I live in what is considered a high performing district. The class sizes are small, there are many choices at the HS level, teachers are well qualified, test scores, graduation rates, college acceptance are all high.

It is a great school for my neuro-typical daughter. However, for my son with LD"s it is too large, too high pressured and the LD support is not adequate. It's a great school district - just not for everyone.

Sleigh, I am sorry that you are having difficulty with your district and hope you are able to get the relief you need. Child_of_Ra - thanks for your information and the fabulous suggestion to gather more information via the school rating section at GS.

It's important to gather as much info as possible and make a decision based on your children's needs.


sleigh June 4, 2009

Thanks for your comment, Michellea. I do appreciate your opinion and positive response. Thanks again.

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