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my son is in 4th grade and school wants to retain him.I just found out yesterday 8 days before the end of


Anonymous May 22, 2009 husband want him to move on to fifth grade we have a say in this matter?I live in Texas cy-fair school district

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TeacherParent May 22, 2009

You should have a say in the matter but your post doesn't way why they want to retain him. You can usually negotiate with school districts and some may want to require summer school of him if you want him not to be retained. If they put him in summer school, make sure it's a good program and not just a 'holding tank'.
What have they been doing for your son through this school year to help him?


Konmom1 June 10, 2009

You do have a say in whether they retain your son by law but with that being said I would find out why and try to remedy the situation over the summer by doing summer school or tutoring if at all possible. I would be more upset that they waited till the last minute to let you know that there was a situation. My sons school has a box each semester that is checked yes or no if they are at risk of retention so that it can be taken care of before the end of the year.

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