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Stafford Municipal School District vs. Fort Bend Independent School District and Students with Special Needs


Anonymous June 8, 2009

Hi all,

Is anyone familiar with Stafford MSD and or Fort bend ISD? Can anyone tell me what is best Fort Bend ISD or Staffor MSD for inclusion of a 5year old child with multiple impairments? I'm planning to move to that area and I need help.

Thanks, a Proud and Needy parent

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healthy11 June 8, 2009

Hi. Unfortunately, Greatschools is a nationwide website, and the chance of finding another family from a particular area with a child of similar age and with similar issues is slim.
I'm not from TX, but I have a son with some LDs, and I can tell you that certain schools might have good reputations for handling one kind of special ed need, but not for others. (For example, I've been told that students with physical impairments who do better in a self-contained environment get a very good education at one school in our district, but if parents want their child in a regular classroom at other schools with an aide, the quality can vary.)

My advice is to contact a local parent support group for whatever kind of disabilities your child has, and network through them to find out about the best schools and other resources in the area you're thinking of moving to. (for example, or can help families dealing with Downs, and spectrum disorders. is for ADHD, is for dyslexics, and there are other groups like Easter Seals, etc....)

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