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sanukha May 11, 2011

Help! Does anybody has experience with the Memoriall Hall School? We think about sending our son to this school but we cannot find any explanatory notes in the internet. . . .

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Kristy_ding May 14, 2011

If the school is a good school or the popular one,there will be lots of cmts about this school.I am a current student and I want to transfer!!!
This school is really small so ur son can easily make friends!
How old is your son now?
I think you should take a tour,not really a tour since this school is not big^_^,you will know that is this school fits for your son or not!
Remember,middle school years and high school years play an important role on your son's future!So think carefully when you apply to any schools!
Haha,this reply is just my subjective opinion.If you have any questions,ask me cause Ive spent over 8 months just to find good schools in houston.
btw,the tuition of this school is expensive...!

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