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Middle School in Houston With a Gifted or Advance Learning Program


hunee1822 May 24, 2011

I am relocating to texas. What middle school has a good Gifted or Advanced learning program?

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Beauty1414 February 15, 2012

check out Texas Christian. They have honors, duel credit.


cpa-mom June 2, 2011

Both of my sons attended the WAVE program, as well. It is outstanding! You can find out more on the school district's website at The WAVE program is hosted at Westbrook Intermediate School.... and half of the student population is "regular kids" from the neighborhood attendance zone, while the other half are "Gifted and Talented" (GT) kids who choose to go to this magnet school. Kids from all over the Clear Creek ISD district may choose to attend this school, if they have been identified as GT via testing or other means. I can't say enough good things about the school. I encourage you to call the school district and get more informatnoi.


pepperstan May 30, 2011

Check out the WAVE program, a GT magnet school located on the Westbrook Intermediate campus of Clear Creek ISD around NASA, just 15 miles south of Houston. Housing is reasonable and the school is conveniently located right off El Dorado and I - 45. The child has to test into the school - you can call the Admission Gifted and Talented dept at CCISD in League City. The classes are tough, but the course offerings are unique and the trips to Greece, Machu Picu, Italy, etc are fascinating for parents and children. The school population excels in extracurriculars, whether it be choir, band, drama, orchestra, tennis,etc. The bar is high due to the preponderance of kind, studious Asians and the rest of the students are a melting pot making cultural exchanges fun. My children love it . Good luck as I know middle school is a difficult time for all our children.

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