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Middle School Suggestions?


mamadoitall June 7, 2011

Considering taking my 8th grade son out of a small private middle school in southwest Houston. Good for high performing, high achievers, but not a good fit, for students still under construction, who need more academic support and encouragement. Son fears going to new school in final year of middle school, and I'm not sure there are any better, affordable alternatives. Any suggestions?

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elschool June 13, 2011

My kids attend Epiphany Lutheran School. It is a small, but growing school. K-8..about 100-115 kids. The school is in the process of moving into its new building on West Rd @ Jackrabbit...It is just finished being built. They were in Jersey Village....I have a daughter entering 8th grade this year . The kids entering 8th are a great bunch of kids, they all get along well together....We love the school and the attention given to each student. The teachers are great. The focus is on the child, the Lord and then education..I highly recommend this school, he would love it...My kids enjoy school everyday. The phone number is 713-896-1843 ask for Linda Wimberley-the principal


joduck07 August 25, 2011

I would try YES Public Schools, very, very good reviews. It is free and also, on the same level of private schools.

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