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Any white kids schools in north houston?


sixzilliondots July 20, 2011

Are there any schools I can enroll my kids in North Houston where they will not be like only 2 out of 5 white kids in the school? I'm not prejudiced or anything but my kids are already shy and the move from a small town to a big city is going to be a big shock to them already without having to deal with 500 kids around them that don't look like them or speak their language. It's not like I am looking for a school with a bunch of rich, stuck up kids either it would just be nice to know they can find someone in their class they can relate to. I'm serious are they any schools in north Houston that are at least half white?

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creamypaws July 27, 2011

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and, as such, represents a very diverse population. It has been reported that Houston is the Most diverse city in America. You will find different colors and faces everywhere. It teaches our children tolerance and provides knowledge about all religions and cultures. In so many small towns there is reluctance of the the unknown, you won't find that here. People are accepting and educated and we all interact together everyday.

If you are looking for a specific school makeup, search this site, there are breakout by race in most of the statistics.

Good luck in Houston, and welcome


Beach2 August 3, 2011

I was exactly where you are now....white, moving to North Houston from another state, small town, majority white and a very shy middle schooler. I was very concerned.
Four years later, my child has done very well. Yes, he stands out as a white teen (in color only) but he has a very diverse group of friends He has learned so much about different cultures (even educated us). He is no longer shy and hasn't had any problems because he is white.

The answer to your question, I am not aware of a school with a large majority of white students in north Houston, You have to go a lot further north and even then it's still diverse. Honestly, your children will learn so much by being in a diverse school. Yes, it is a culture shock at first, but your kids will adjust.
Houstonians are very friendly and accepting.

Welcome to Houston!


niecy2000 August 9, 2011

Hello and welcome to Houston! I totally agree with the others about the opportunities that your kids will have by experiencing different races/cultures. As an African-American and Native Texan, I had a hard time in a predominately white school in a small Houston suburb. There were only 6 blacks in the entire school. We had a much tougher time adjusting back then. Now days, the schools are so much more diverse where ever you go in the Houston area. Just give it a chance. You and your family may come to love this great city and the people here!! Good luck to you!


Onthegomom1 August 15, 2011

I understand where your coming from i had the same problem when I moved here and it was hard to even ask this question to anyone becuase they thought you were being racist. I never found a school that was mostly white but I did have some luck in finding some schools that was very mixed and the ratio was evenly thoughout. Not sure if you will ever find anything in North Houston but if you are willing to move you could find something in the Galleria area. My daughter went to Briargrove Elementary for 5 years and my son went to Grady Middle School and did great. Look into their magnet programs because they do have buses that will pick them up and take them to school if they are accepted. Another place would be Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, River Oaks and Katy. To be honest the older they get the harder it is and a lot of parents pay for private schools.


lizwick October 27, 2011

If you are still looking, try off of 290 or 249 area. The farther north you go, the less diverse it gets. Stay on or North of Cypresswood.


ghektss January 5, 2012

If anything, your child will learn more being around a diverse culture. Children are pretty much all the same everywhere in the world. We lived in China and my children attended an int'l school but mostly Asian kids, some European. They stood out as blonde, blue-eyed, caucasian kids. They didn't think anything of this because we, as parents, didn't make a big deal about it. In the end, they have some wonderful friends of different ethnicity and they learned so much from that. Don't worry so much about it and keep the experience positive with your attitude and keep encouraging your child that his new friends will share the same interests. We are moving to Houston soon and looking forward to learning a new "culture" (even though we are from US) but we've never lived in the south before and right now, we live in a smaller midwest town.


Tigers1313 January 15, 2012

Texas Christian! They start at 2 yrs and go through 12th grade. Take a tour; you will love it!

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