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BKBKMom August 5, 2011


I am moving to the Katy. My children have been homeschooled, but I will have to work. What are the best schools(montessori, private, public) that will not be such a shock to them emotionally. They are 6 and 8. They are very smart, sharing, but a little shy at first.

Does Katy have homeschool programs? In Round Rock (suburb of Austin), we have programs for homeshoolsers once or twice a week.

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Beauty1414 February 15, 2012

Texas Christian School is great!!! Couldnt be more happy.


lanterngirl February 15, 2012

The previous poster clearly bumped this old post up to promote their school which doesn't even seem relevant to the original posters question.

The Mirus Academy seems like it would be a perfect fit for Homeschoolers in Katy.


karensk121 May 2, 2012

I have heard really good things from friends about Cinco Ranch High School and the lower level schools that feed into it. I haven't heard about private schools in Katy, but I know some families who live in Katy who send their kids to places like First Baptist Academy (where my son went after being homeschooled...he loved it!). It's not a bad drive from Katy into town on the Katy Fwy. (I-10); the school is on Katy Fwy., and you'd take the Silber exit.

For a 2- or 3-day/wk homeschool program, you might look into Trinity Classical School and Logos Prep Academy. Neither are in Katy, though. But I have friends at both who have been very pleased.


cmonte May 6, 2012

You really cannot go wrong if you still want to do the homeschooling with . I have several friends who recommended it for my Granddaughter who hated the exposure to homosexuals and drugs in the Houston schools.

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