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The Woodlands, TX Vs. Montgomery, TX Schools


Hotchta July 11, 2008

Does anyone know which schools would be better in regards to The Woodlands, TX Vs. Montgomery, TX Schools

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tjlove July 11, 2008

It looks like you have top rated schools in both cities. Here's a link to our city page for The Woodlands:

And here's a link to our page that allows you to compare nearby cities:

Hope this helps!!


amf5300 October 13, 2008

The Woodlands...hands down...I've researched it for over a year, and just take a look at websites and what is offered even based on the websites of the two ISDs, and you can figure it out very quickly.


MissAbbigael October 7, 2009

The Woodlands, please. I attended Montgomery HS very recently, and I can not begin to explain the damage that the faculty has caused. I hate to see any child put through the nonsense that is preached in that "facility", Especially if you have a particularly bright child. put them somewhere that their intelligence will be promoted, MONTGOMERY ignores bright children.

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