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Moving to Houston, need some directions!


Cheecho October 26, 2011

We are moving to Houston in early June 2012. I am overwhelmed with all the different neighborhodos and different imdependent school districts - for someone moving from St. Louis - which is a small town compared to Houston!. Where can I find simple information to compare schools and neighborhoods? Thanks!

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lizwick October 27, 2011

We just moved to Northwest Houston from small town Louisiana this summer. I found to be very helpful in comparing communities. You can compare schools using the sight and look at homes for sale. Focus on where you will be working and look for surrounding communities. Northwest Houston offers oak trees and cypress trees and you can live out in the country if you live off of hwy. 249. I know there are beautiful homes off of hwy. 290, but the traffic is horrible. Katy is nice but a very manicured community that has a lot of traffic. You won't find the big trees or large yards in Katy. Narrow down your search and then visit the area. Wishing you the best.


mom2kcer01 November 1, 2011

We too are moving to Houston, but we have a slight advantage because we lived there 15 years ago. Yes, a long time, but at least we know a bit about the city. Yes, it is very large and location and proximity to work is a HUGE factor. We are very lucky my husband will be working in The Woodlands and that is where we are pinpointing our search. Should you be working downtown or the west side you would probably not want to live in The Woodlands. Clear Creek school district is good if you are south of the city. Seabrook, and League City are good areas as well as Clear Lake. Let me know if I can help any further.

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