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help needed: when my 2 y.o. can start going to a pre-school?


bobamber January 3, 2012

Pardon my ignorance - I am a foreigner not really familiar with US school system. We moved to Houston and are looking for a kindergarten for our 2 y.o. daughter. I looked up (great site, by the way) and it seems to be covering 'preschools' - is our girl qualified to go there or she is too young? If she is too young - is there another website like which covers kindergartens? Where I could compare their levels, pricing etc.?

Any help is very appreciated!

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ghektss January 5, 2012

A child in the US starts kindergarten (elementary school) when they are 5 or 6 years of age. Pre-school programs are typically for the 3 yr old (2 days/ week, 1/2 days) and 4 yr olds (3 days/week,1/2days). If you enroll your child in a day care with an academic environment, that might be different and your child may get a little more academics/socialization learning. Check out Montassori schools for preschools as well. Kindergartens are part of the formal school of elementary schools that is why you don't see a separate catagory for them. Good luck. By the way, in my opinion, a two year old best learns by being home with mom or another consistent care-giver. You can do A LOT with them at home by just playing. That is how they learn. There are also lots of mommy/toddler day activities you can participate in the community.


Tigers1313 January 15, 2012 They begin teaching at 2 years. Awesome school!

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