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Asian family looking for high school.


porpschool February 20, 2012

We are moving to Houston from London. We have moved many times but this is the hardest because our daughter is a teenager. We are looking for a good academic school and more importantly for my daughter, where she can fit in. She will be in the 10th grade (sophmore). I was told that private high schools are not culturally diverse. We are open to both private and public high schools. Katy will be too far away from the city. Husband's office is near Belliare. She is so worry about not blending in. Currently, she is attending an international school in London. Any recommendation will be so helpful. Changing school (especially in the middle of high school) is so stressful.

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mjholllid April 4, 2012

I think that there is bias against public schools being demonstrated here. Bellaire High School is an extremely good public high school. It is a foreign language magnet and therefore attracts an extremely diverse student body. My daughter is currently a freshman in the magnet program taking Latin and tells me it feels like she attends school at the United Nations. As for the quality of education, Bellaire is a IB school that provides an excellent education. In fact, last year one student at Bellaire received a perfect score on the SAT, and another received a perfect score on the ACT. There are also many activities and clubs to join that cater to a full range of interests.


karensk121 May 2, 2012

Maybe Awty International School would be a good fit. It is a French-based interntational K-12 school with a really diverse population, located several miles north of the Galleria area. People I've known from Awty have been American, French, Italian, and Turkish; I know there are plenty of other nationalities represented. Kinkaid and St. John's are also excellent but might be a bit harder to get into than Awty. Awty offers the IB track as well.

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