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rarredondo81 February 28, 2012

Someone please help, My family and I are moving to Houston in a couple of months. My kids know about 25% english, does anybody recommend a good private school doesn't matter what side of Houston it is we're still looking for a good neighborhood. Thank you

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karensk121 May 2, 2012

At Awty International School, students may choose the English-speaking track or the French-speaking track. There will be a lot of students from other countries, so your kids won't be the only ones learning the language. It's in a convenient location, several miles north of the Galleria mall and close to some great neighborhoods, like the Memorial area.


rogixd May 7, 2012

well the spring branch area or the cyfair area have good scholl but the spring branch school have all been rebuild and they have computers in every class and they teach billigual kids spring branch is a private district and any of their school are great alterrnative to most private school in the sense that most private school here teach and focus on religion teachings. try weschester acadamy if you have any kids in high school in spring branch is a school that teaches mainly to internation children there although the children have to keep their grades up otherwise the wont let them attend

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