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Malaysian family moving to Houston


malaysiaparent April 8, 2012

I am moving to Houston from Malaysia this June but children aged 8,7,3 will be joining me only in November. I would like to hear your advice what are the good schools for all the three of them (preferably in the same school), and how do I secure a place for them now. Thanks.

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Nikonickie April 22, 2012

Which part of Houston you are going to? We were in west Houston and we put our kids to holy spirit episcopal school. Google it and you can learn more about it. My kids love the school teachers there and it is a super friendly school. The teachers there really got heart to teach. We still miss the school very much even we moved to Singapore for almost two years then. My girl still keeps in touch with some good friends made there and email with the teachers. If you are going near there, I strongly recommend you give the school a try. They have class from toddler to grade 8. Good luck.


eamom123 April 24, 2012

Please check out Holy Trinity Episcopal School located in Northeast Houston/Humble. Holy Trinity has grades PK3 to 12th grade. My son has been a student for 4 years and absolutely loves everything about it. HTES has small class sizes. It is a safe place and a challenging environment that is dedicated to developing the whole child through academic excellence, service learning, and spiritual development.

The Stanford, a national assessment, is given at HTES. Every grade level scores at least two grade levels above on an average.


wat2do11 April 30, 2012

Helo, selamat pagi! I am an American who lived in Kuala Lumpur for five years. I am returning to the US (saya tinggal di Kuwait sekarang) with my two kids, who have never attended school in the US before. I am scared witless. So, will the company you work for be paying for schooling? There are private international schools (sangat mahal!) where all of your children may attend together. Public schools are free, but you MUST be in certain neighborhoods or postcodes to attend the good ones. Other private schools are usually Kristian affiliated in some way or montessori I think. I'm trying to think of more information for you....if you have more questions feel free to reply, I will try to help, I am almost in the same situation. Best regards, Puan Bonnie Saenz

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