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The perfect scools for my military brats!?


nancyj30 May 16, 2012

Hi everyone. My husband is currently in the Army after signing an indef contract finishing up his last few years before retirement, but after a lot of consideration we decided it is best for our children for him to get out and live a normal life. Our children have been to schools all over the country and I feel a tremendous amount of guilt because of this. I am trying to find the best schools and areas to live since this will be our last move! Our oldest son has an IEP for a processing disorder that took a while to diagnose. He will be going into the 5th grade and our other two will be in 4th and 3rd.
My husband is originally from Channelview and his parents currently live in Dayton. We are hoping to find something on the outskirts of Houston with a smaller town feel. This transition has been extremely nerve wracking for us, but I am hoping we made a great decision to settle into more of a regular lifestyle. I am also wanting a drama/stress free school environment for them as I would like to finish Grad school someday and if my kiddos are in turmoil I can not move forward. They have had some horrid experiences and I never want that again! If the schools like substitutes with a psych background all the better :) Thank you in advance for any help/advice!

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